It’s vital that you use private and secure communication channels when sharing files with your clients. That’s why Rubex by eFileCabinet comes built with secure file-sharing, allowing you to bring your clients directly into your document management system, so they can download and upload files over an encrypted connection. 

To develop your credibility with clients, Rubex allows you to custom brand your document management system—  so if they’re unfamiliar with Rubex, they’ll instead see your branding on the interface and your URL. Users in your system will all see your custom branding.

Custom branding will make your business look more professional and help to deliver a cohesive, customer experience that’s more memorable and will help drive referrals. By branding your Rubex site and communications to your customers, you are eliminating any confusion about what you’re sharing with your client.

Set Up Your Custom Branding

  1. Go to the main menu, then click the Admin button, then select the option for branding. You will be directed to the page where you will be able to see your current branding choices and make changes as desired.
  2. Select your options for each element you can brand. First, choose the domain name of your choice. 
  3. Next, select the color that best fits your branding. Finally, upload your logo.
  4. Use the preview section to double-check that everything looks perfect, then click the update button.

Now when you invite clients to log onto Rubex for the first time, the URL in the log-in screen will include your subdomain name. It’s just one less point of confusion for clients, and allows you to set up a reliable means of sharing documents with them.

To learn more about adding custom branding to your document management system, contact your account executive today.