When you’re working with clients, having a strong brand presence can make all the difference in helping your business look professional and become memorable. Not only does Rubex help you provide a superior experience to your customers, it helps promote your brand through some easy-to-use customization features.

Why brand my Rubex site?


It’s simple. Branding is the face of your company, it’s what makes you recognizable for your customers and can set you apart from the competition. Having a strong brand presence makes your business look more professional and helps to deliver a cohesive, customer experience that’s more memorable and will help drive referrals. By branding your Rubex site and communications to your customers, you are eliminating any confusion about who the email is from and building your presence.


What options in Rubex are available to brand?


Within Rubex, you have several options that allows you to personalize your notifications and the appearance of your site for your customers. We have a variety of color scheme options to choose from, you have the option to add your own logo, and you may add your own URL with your business’s name so it is easily recognizable.

When you choose to customize your branding with Rubex, your communications and emails that are sent from Rubex to clients are also branded with your personalized options.


How to create custom branding within Rubex in three easy steps

  1. Go to the main menu, then click the Admin button, then select the option for branding. You will be directed to the page where you will be able to see your current branding choices and make changes as desired.
  2. Select your options for each element you can brand. First, choose the domain name of your choice. Next, select the color that best fits your branding. Finally, upload your logo.
  3. Use the preview section to double check that everything looks perfect, then click the update button.

For additional help, watch this video tutorial to see the custom branding process.