Moving to an electronic document management system is probably the best thing you can do for your office. And it’s not just about going paperless. Document management software (DMS) allows your company to streamline and automate existing processes, which will increase employee productivity.

In this article, we’ll explore two providers of DMS solutions, Blue Ribbon Technologies and eFileCabinet. We’ll discuss the key features of both and help you figure out which option is best for your company.


Blue Ribbon Technologies

Blue Ribbon Technologies’ DMS solution is DynaFile, which provides businesses with a simple, secure way to store documents in the cloud. From scanning automation to cloud storage and online collaboration, Blue Ribbon Technologies’ DynaFile offers a variety of features to make document management easy.


Scanning Automation
DynaFile simplifies the scanning of your paper documents. Using barcode technology, the program recognizes and organizes the files you scan automatically. Blue Ribbon also allows you to take advantage of batch scanning—you can scan a stack of documents in one sitting and organize them afterwards. Last but not least, your documents are scanned using zonal optical character recognition, or OCR. This allows you to perform searches within your scanned documents.

Online File Storage
DynaFile uses document indexing in order to automatically file your files in the correct location every time. All of your electronic documents are securely stored in the cloud with user-based access. And because your documents are online, you can find everything you’re looking for instantly.

Cloud Collaboration
Collaborate with colleagues and clients remotely with DynaFile’s built-in collaboration features. You can make annotations to a file without make changes to the original file and work remotely in secure virtual data rooms or document portals. DynaFile also offers electronic signatures, version control, and encrypted links for transferring documents without the use of email attachments.


Who Can Benefit from Blue Ribbon Technologies?

Blue Ribbon Technologies has a DMS solution that’s suitable for businesses of any size. Whether you’re just starting out with a paperless office or have been using electronic document management for a while, DynaFile has all of the key features you need to organize your files.


What Is Blue Ribbon Technologies Missing?

It’s not clear whether DynaFile integrates with any other programs, such as Microsoft Office. It also doesn’t look like DynaFile offers document workflows. You may not be able to view your documents from mobile devices with DynaFile since it doesn’t seem to offer any mobile app support. Most importantly, DynaFile is missing the audit trail that allows you to verify that employees are following your document management policies.



eFileCabinet offers all of the features of Blue Ribbon Technologies’ DynaFile with the exception of barcode scanning. But with the appropriate scanner setup, eFileCabinet makes it easy to scan large amounts of documents. More importantly, eFileCabinet boasts all of the key features that Blue Ribbon Technologies lacks.


Software Integration
In order to streamline your work processes, eFileCabinet integrates with different programs, including Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and Salesforce. You can access, store, and manage your files without leaving the program you’re working with.

Document Workflows
Document workflows have been shown to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Now that your employees are no longer bogged down with paperwork, their work processes are smooth and seamless. It’s also easy to route documents through different departments for authorizations inside of eFileCabinet.

Mobile App Capabilities
One of the advantages of using cloud storage is the ability to access your files from anywhere. eFileCabinet’s mobile app allows you to view, store, and manage your files from your laptop, tablet, or phone. If your employees occasionally work outside of the office, they can still have access to all of the necessary files and stay productive, which is a huge benefit for your company.

Audit Trail
In order to verify the authenticity of your documents, eFileCabinet has an audit trail that shows the history of your files. The audit trail cannot be altered, and it can only be seen by authorized personnel. The audit trail provides you with the peace of mind that your employees are taking your document management policies seriously, and it reduces the stress federal or industry audits and reviews can cause.


eFileCabinet vs. Blue Ribbon Technologies

When it comes to document management, eFileCabinet and Blue Ribbon Technologies offer solid products. Both allow user-based access, online storage, and easy indexing of files. Blue Ribbon Technologies allows you to use barcode technology to help you scan and organize your files. However, when it comes to the full DMS solution, eFileCabinet has a little bit more to offer.

If you want to verify what happens to your documents, an audit trail is a must-have. Additionally, the ability to view your files from any device can make a big difference, especially if your employees work from outside of the office. Finally, the ability to use document workflows and the option to integrate with other software is enough reason in itself to choose eFileCabinet for your business needs.

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