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Tired of Manually Storing Documents?

Do you ever find yourself staring at the rows of filing cabinets in your office and wonder what you could be doing with that space if you didn’t have to store your physical documents? For businesses that have entire rooms dedicated to filing documents, could that...

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Get Organized and Structured

It’s a virtue that’s instilled in all of us early on in life. Being organized is key to being productive, coordinated and prosperous. Our lives are full of essential documents we need to keep track of, and if we’re unable to quickly find them when we need to, it can...

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Time to Renew? Here’s the Next Step

  So it’s almost time to celebrate your anniversary with eFileCabinet, which calls for a party! Bring out the cake and balloons! However you choose to celebrate, it’s also a great time to reflect on your future goals, and we’re here to support you with those. The...

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How to Upload Documents

So, you have your document on your computer ready to go. Or, perhaps you have the document in hand, but you need to be able to send it, share it, or add it to a website. Somehow, that document needs to get from you to the web, whether that be for email purposes,...

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Tired of Losing Important Documents?

How long have you spent searching for a lost document? Several minutes? Hours? It’s frustrating to realize that the document you’re looking for isn’t where it’s supposed to be. We create elaborate filing systems for our filing cabinets with the intent of always...

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Keeping You Protected – Data Security FAQs

  When you're using eFileCabinet, you can rest assured that your data is going to be safe and kept well-protected. To better understand how we secure and protect your data, here is a list of frequently asked security questions. Q: Where is my data being housed and...

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What is a TIF file?

Do you know how images in magazines are always crystal clear and beautifully colored? Those images are traditionally used in TIF format, which is the image format file for high-quality graphics. TIF stands for “Tagged Image File”. Nowadays, TIF files are used for high...

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Rubex Release Highlights 4-25-2019

Take a look at the newest features added to Rubex in the latest build. These new features will further help you secure your files and make your document processes even more efficient.  Rubex Release Highlights – 4-25-19 Implemented the ability to email files -...

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How Does OCR Work?

Thanks to scanners, we can digitize our physical documents, saving them as files on our computer. They’re typically PDF format which allows you to open and read them, but typically you’re unable to interact with text on the document like you would with a document that...

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How to Calculate ROI and Why

What is the Return on Investment (ROI)? Return on investment is the means for individuals and businesses to measure the profitability of an investment of any kind. Knowing the ROI of an investment over a period of time is an important tool for comparing different...

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How to Make an Important Business Decision

  A good business owner knows that there’s a process to go through before enacting a serious change or making a big purchase on behalf of the business. Making impulsive decisions is a great way to land the company in serious trouble, so going about your...

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