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Take back what’s yours

Your data is your property—treat it properly. In the ever-changing world of modern business, it’s your data that sets you apart. How data is stored, organized, and executed is integral to successful business growth. Knowing how to take ownership of your...

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Tips and Tricks: View Audit Logs

How to view audit logs in eFileCabinet Online and Desktop A brand new Tips and Tricks, just for you! Do you need to track movement on your users and data in eFileCabinet, or need help locating a lost file? Audit Logs are here to help! Audit Logs give you...

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5 Tips for Smooth Scaling with Document Management

The best problem a business can have is that it can’t keep up with the constant need to scale, but with document management implemented from the start, scaling becomes a breeze. As a business grows, so does the information within it. Paper documents and...

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eFileCabinet Continues to Lead Through Innovation

Delivering on our innovation promise for 2018. Data is still skyrocketing as the central focus of modern business, and the ability to efficiently and securely manage that data has remained vital. That’s why eFileCabinet is more important than ever....

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Why Email Doesn’t Count as Workflow

At eFileCabinet, one of the most underutilized features of our document management software is workflow. Part of the reason for this lack of implementation is that many organizations and professionals don’t fully understand what “workflow” actually means. In a business sense, “workflow” can refer to any controlled and repeatable pattern of processes that a project passes through to reach completion. In the document management or enterprise content management industries, “workflow” more often refers to how documents move through an organization—from creation to collaboration, revision, and versioning, all the way through to evaluation and approval.

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Document Management System Workflow Basics

What Can Document Management Workflow do for You? Document management system (DMS) workflow is integral to leveraging paperless office processes. Although identifying the single most important feature of a document management system will vary depending on...

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