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Hitting the Road with Document Management

  Your job certainly takes you places. Whether it’s a quick road trip for a conference or a cross-country plane ride to meet a new client face-to-face, your work needs to be as mobile as you are. That work includes important documents essential to getting deals done,...

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Admin Tools to Stay in Control

  As the department head, it’s your responsibility to stay in control of your office’s records and ensure that everyone is using your team’s document management system responsibly. Document management software is a highly useful tool but if used improperly without...

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Using DMS To Recruit The Best Talent

  A major part of HR is recruiting and keeping the best talent for your company. Hiring can be very document heavy, as is the performance review and appraisal process. In order for you to make smarter hiring and retention decisions, you need documentation to inform...

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Assure Your Employees You Value Their Privacy

Mutual workplace respect is essential for having a functional office. Letting employees know that you have a healthy respect for their privacy is important to maintaining a satisfying work environment. It’s common and wise to outline the extent of what an employee’s...

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The Rage Cage Makes Noise

The intense crashing and booming sounds echoing through the Salt Palace Convention Center were probably the last noises you’d expect to hear at a conference for accountants. But from June 16 -18 at the Scaling New Heights 2019 conference, the sounds of a wooden...

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Get Back to Working With People, Not Documents

There’s a lot of paperwork involved with human resources. Not only are there dozens of files and folders needed to onboard new employees, but new records need to be created and filed throughout their time at the company. For every major event, performance review,...

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What is Business Process Automation?

In a day and age where technology can do anything, you may be wondering how it can help you and your business. Business process automation (BPA), or simply automation, means exactly what it sounds like and can be a big help to you and your business. Business process...

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A Safe and Centralized Place for Employee Records

We like it when things are condensed and simplified, including our software. All-in-one solutions are becoming more prominent because we’re able to accomplish more from a single interface. There are few things as complicated for HR than employee records and documents....

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Make Your Hiring Season Easier

Great news! Your company is experiencing a surge of growth, with dozens of new positions in multiple departments ready to be filled. The bad news is that as HR, you need to coordinate this latest hiring push, which means organizing countless applications and candidate...

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