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How Does Encryption Work?

  A lot of the online services we use daily, tout the use of encryption as the method of keeping your data and personal information secure and unreadable to outside parties. However, do you know what encryption actually does, and if the online service you’re using is...

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How to Password Protect a Folder

  If you’re looking to protect some sensitive files, one of your options is storing them in a password-protected folder. In this article, we’ll show you why you might want to do that and how. Why Would I Want To Password Protect A Folder?   When you password protect a...

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How to Brand Your Rubex Site

  When you’re working with clients, having a strong brand presence can make all the difference in helping your business look professional and become memorable. Not only does Rubex help you provide a superior experience to your customers, it helps promote your brand...

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Smarter Morning Office Routines

  We all have our morning rituals. The series of tasks we always do to get our day started. A lot of productivity experts say that morning is when we are at our sharpest and when we get the most work done. It’s key to put our best foot forward and get the most out our...

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What Does Product-Agnostic Mean?

  While shopping around for new technology solutions for your business, you may have heard the terms agnostic, product-agnostic, platform-agnostic or other variations. This term is normally mentioned in the context of how software and devices interact with other tech...

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Efficiency vs. Productivity

  Company leaders are always talking about efficiency and productivity. It doesn’t matter the industry. But what are these things exactly? Are efficiency and productivity different or the same? Is one better than the other? In this article, we’ll help you better...

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How Long to Keep Bank Statements

  You have a lot of financial documents, but do you know what you should do with them? In this article, we’ll talk about why you should keep your bank statements and for how long. We’ll also tell you how long you should keep your other financial documents as well.  ...

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Office Innovations

  The modern office setting has gone through plenty of noticeable changes as technology innovates the way we do business. Cubicles have gone down in favor of more open offices, with some workplaces implementing a free desk environment where you can sit anywhere,...

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What is conditional coding?

  If/Then. It’s not just an award-winning Broadway musical - it’s the basis for conditional programming which is visually represented as a logic model or diagram. It’s also your key to designing custom workflows for your document management system.   If x = y, then z,...

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How to Organize Papers

Do you have a lot of papers piling up in the office? Do you want to learn how to organize those papers? In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that. How to Organize Papers   It’s really easy for offices to get overwhelmed with paperwork. The biggest problem is...

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