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Why Email Doesn’t Count as Workflow

At eFileCabinet, one of the most underutilized features of our document management software is workflow. Part of the reason for this lack of implementation is that many organizations and professionals don’t fully understand what “workflow” actually means. In a business sense, “workflow” can refer to any controlled and repeatable pattern of processes that a project passes through to reach completion. In the document management or enterprise content management industries, “workflow” more often refers to how documents move through an organization—from creation to collaboration, revision, and versioning, all the way through to evaluation and approval.

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Document Management System Workflow Basics

What Can Document Management Workflow do for You? Document management system (DMS) workflow is integral to leveraging paperless office processes. Although identifying the single most important feature of a document management system will vary depending on...

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Mobile Document Manager: Scan, Save, and Access Documents from Anywhere

There has never been a greater need for fast, reliable, and secure access to data than there is in today’s fast-paced world. Many industries need secure access to a wide range of documents and they need access fast! Gaining new customers—and retaining current ones—can be determined entirely on response times to inquiries, and response time is highly dependent on how easy it is to access necessary documents—even on the go!

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Human Resources, Dave Ulrich Model, and Document Management

Known in Human Resources as a “management guru” with great ideas for everything from company leadership to corporate growth, David Ulrich is first and foremost the father of modern HR. The author of numerous books about Human Resources and the role it plays in an organization, Ulrich is someone whose ideas continue to influence the way we think about HR. And since Human Resources is responsible for keeping employees happy, hard-working, and dialed-in to an organization’s long-term goals and objectives, Ulrich’s famed HR Model is a big part of virtually any company’s present or future success.

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Major Organizational Risks that DMS Precludes

Organizations of all stripes—from schools and local governments to real estate agencies—have begun to take advantage of DMS and its risk-mitigating features. Why not make your business the next to reap these valuable benefits? Try eFileCabinet today by visiting our website and clicking the “Free Demo” tab that pops up on the left-hand side of the screen!

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How Secure Are Your Documents?

Does your business or department still work with paper documents? In the information age, this practice has become profoundly anachronistic and usually a sign of business practices being left in the dust by the wheel of progress. Some companies do it...

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Infographic: The Risks of Unsecure Document Sharing

When you share documents with clients, coworkers, and business partners, how do you share them? Do you send an email, print and ship, or use a cloud-based sharing platform? All of these means of sharing can put those documents and the data they contain at risk of...

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