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Automate Your Record Keeping: Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and minutes for meetings are crucial for running productive, public meetings where things get done, rather than unstructured, shouting matches between parties. Crafting an agenda, listing all the action items and other topics that need discussion, sets the...

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Secure Your Public Communications

  Handling public records requires great care. Public records are public property, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that all public records are subject to public disclosure. When sharing records with other agencies or authorized individuals, it’s important to use...

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Provide Better Service to Constituents

  Whether you’re in the city auditor’s office, public works, parks and recreation, or the school district, it’s your duty as a public agency to provide the best possible service to the members of your office’s constituency. Providing above and beyond service to the...

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What Is PGP Encryption And How Does It Work?

  A lot of people have heard of PGP encryption, but not many know how it works. In this article, we hope to change that. We’ll explain what PGP encryption is, how it works, and the downsides to using it. What Is PGP Encryption? PGP encryption is a form of message...

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Manage Your Public Records More Efficiently

  Remember that any kind of document created or received that’s connected in any way to public business, is a public record. Public records are public property, so there are lots of laws, including local, state, and federal linked to how public records must be...

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How Clovis, NM Fixed Their Record-Keeping

  Clovis, New Mexico is a largely agricultural community known for its rich history in music and southwestern adventure. The seat of Curry County, it boasts a population of roughly 40,000 people and a small public administration office, there are a lot of information...

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Tips For Creating a Good Folder Structure

  “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned,” according to Benjamin Franklin. In the case of filing documents, a good system of organization is the foundation of running an efficient business. Shoving loose documents wherever you feel like, thinking...

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How DMS Works With HRIS

  HR professionals who have worked with or currently work with a human resources information system (HRIS) or human resources management system (HRMS) may wonder why they would need a document management solution when their system seems to accomplish everything they...

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Hitting the Road with Document Management

  Your job certainly takes you places. Whether it’s a quick road trip for a conference or a cross-country plane ride to meet a new client face-to-face, your work needs to be as mobile as you are. That work includes important documents essential to getting deals done,...

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