Document management doesn’t have to be time-consuming and difficult. Companies like Bitscape Solutions and eFileCabinet provide document management software (DMS) solutions that allow you to say goodbye to paper and filing cabinets forever. In this article, we’ll explore what Bitscape Solutions and eFileCabinet have to offer. We’ll compare the two solutions to help you find the right one for your organization.


What Biscape Has to Offer

Bitscape’s business solutions are focused on Microsoft technology, which has been associated with Bitscape since its inception in 2002. While Bitscape offers other services, this article is going to focus on its document management solution, Bitscape Vault.


Electronic File Storage
Bitscape Vault supports PDF, word, excel, Power Point, and image files of paper documents. It can also protect non-native formats, but it specifically integrates with MS Office documents and PDF files. It allows you to index your documents and search for them accordingly and provides version control, preventing you from overwriting a document. Your documents are backed up and can therefore be recovered if need be.

Users can also create, review, and approve documents inside of the program, and has the capacity to provide its customers with metrics and reports.

Last but not least, Bitscape Vault offers security via access control to avoid accidental or intentional leakage of information. Bitscape Vault even protects the intellectual property inside Office email messages.


Who Can Benefit from Bitscape Vault?

Bitscape Vault is specifically built for Microsoft users. While it may allow alternative files, it works best with the file types mentioned above because Bitscape Vault integrates with them. As far as document management systems go, Bitscape Vault boasts features that are key when selecting DMS, including access control, multiple file type support, and backup and recovery options.


Where Does Bitscape Vault Fall Short?

From the information available on the website, it’s unclear whether Bitscape Vault offers all of the features your company needs. For example, can you designate user-based access inside of Bitscape Vault to restrict the availability of your files?

Furthermore, it doesn’t look like you can do a full-text search on scanned documents, which is a big downside if you have to look for paperwork on a regular basis. It also seems to lack audit trail functionality, which ensures that employees follow company procedures regarding document management.

Last but not least, while Bitscape allows creation, review, and approval for documents, it doesn’t appear to offer document workflows to streamline your organization’s processes.


What eFileCabinet Has to Offer

eFileCabinet offers all of the features that Bitscape Vault has to offer and more. While eFileCabinet isn’t specifically built with Microsoft technology in mind, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, and, because it works well with Salesforce, QuickBooks, and other programs, eFileCabinet takes integration even further.

OCR Technology
eFileCabinet is compatible with optical character recognition (OCR) scanners. With the right scanner, you can make all of your paper documents searchable inside of eFileCabinet. This means instead of having to read through a scanned contract to find a specific section, you can use a full-text search to find what you’re looking for within seconds.

Audit Trail
Another important feature eFileCabinet boasts is an unalterable audit trail. Inside of eFileCabinet, authorized individuals can follow a document from creation to archive inside of the audit trail. It shows which user made changes and allows you to view different versions of a file. This helps you verify that your employees are following your document management policies properly, and creates transparency in industry and federal audit processes.

Document Workflows
eFileCabinet also facilitates the creation of time-saving document workflows. Workflows eliminate unnecessary paperwork by streamlining the process. It’s easier and quicker to get documents approved by routing them through the workflow. Incidentally, it also keeps your files safer from unauthorized access because they’re not waiting for approval on somebody’s desk.

Sharing Files with Clients
Finally, eFileCabinet’s SecureDrawer Client Sharing Portal allows authorized you to transfer files to your clients instantaneously and securely. With SecureDrawer, there’s no need to scan, fax, or courier sensitive documents to your clients.


Bitscape Vault vs. eFileCabinet

Both Bitscape Vault and eFileCabinet share a lot of the same basic features for document management. But if you want to go paperless, take a closer look at the features eFileCabinet offers that seem to be missing in Bitscape Vault.

This article only touches on some of the features that eFileCabinet has to offer. eFileCabinet has additional features we have explored in other articles that Bitscape Vault doesn’t offer. For example, eFileCabinet provides you with access to your files on mobile apps which increases your employees’ flexibility.

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