Because most people spend the majority of their days working in the office, finding ways to improve your work life is essential. With the ever-growing available technology, the right tools can make all the difference and expand your office’s capabilities. The best document management software available can have a profound impact on your whole life (as you spend 40 hours weekly at work).

Have you ever had a client on hold as you frantically search through your endless files, attempting to locate a contract? Or perhaps you need to give an important update to your boss that you had filed away, and now he’s standing behind you, watching you sift through the chaos of your physical filing cabinets.

The problem isn’t that you’re unorganized or slow, it’s just that the filing system is outdated and sluggish. You don’t need to feel underappreciated at work because your filing cabinet is out of control. Even taking the time to re-organize it won’t be efficient enough and you’ll be wasting everyone’s time, including your own.

There is an easier way to be on good terms with your bosses, your clients, and yourself. You should be able to head home feeling good about the day, not in a negative mood because your anarchic cabinet controls your work life.

The solution is in sight, however. A new filing cabinet software, more specifically, the best document management software, takes your files and organizes them digitally, so you never worry about those pesky misfiled papers, or even spending more time than needed looking for them.  

How does the Best Document Management Software Ensure that You Don’t Waste Time?

When you upload a document to a paperless filing system, you don’t have to spend hours searching for it again. Even if you electronically misfile it, the document management software search and store tool can find it with a few keyboard and mouse clicks.

Type in a keyword of the document, and it (as well as similar options) will pop up thanks to full-text search. As soon as you upload your document, the software’s function, which is called Zonal OCR (optical character recognition) works hard scanning the document to translate it into a readable and searchable text—sidestepping a major problem for all kinds of businesses using storage solutions that don’t read the text in files.

This system saves you the time of looking endlessly for the files, and with your boss just steps behind you, looking organized and efficient is essential.

  • Organization

Organization brings productivity seamlessly. When your files are put away and out of sight, you can work on being productive in other aspects of your job with the best document management software.

Don’t worry about your files until that client comes along requesting their forms. Document management software organizes your information almost exactly how your previous file cabinet would.

You choose your folders, sub-folders and everything else. You choose the location of each file and form, but you don’t have to look at it or go to painstaking ends to orchestrate the files.

That’s the important part. When your files are set away inside a management software, you won’t see them until you open the filing platform.

This ensures that even your computer stays organized! There’s a huge difference between just creating a folder on your desktop and going from there—the time you’ll save is immense.

For one, that will eat away at your computer’s storage and memory, but using a filing software to file won’t take nearly as much memory in the cloud is far more beneficial.

  • It’s time to move forward

According to an AIIM study, 31% of workers say their office is over-run with paper. Not only that, but 40% of workers say their invoices come electronically, but are still printed out!

That means that there is an additional step taken, which leads to dozens of other steps. If workers eliminate the problem at the source, they save themselves hours each week in efficiency and reduced labor for similar output.

It’s time to move on and break the inefficient mold of piled high papers in the office. Don’t be part of the problem – take that 31% and make it less, by making the first step to saving time in your office.  

The On-the-Go Office: Why the Best Document Management Software Matters

  • Documents are with you all day, every day

By using the best document management software from eFileCabinet, you can be sure your files are with you no matter where you go.

This is because of the way this particular document management software is designed. The multiple platforms and delivery models mean you can put it on your phone using mobile apps, on your laptop, or anywhere that you have internet access.

If you need a file at home, it’s right there on your phone or personal computer with document management software, and you’ll be able to find it quickly.

Another benefit is that if you were to take a file out of the cabinet, you might forget it wherever you took it.

With an electronic filing system, it’s a sure fact that forgetting your files will no longer be part of your workday.

  • Last minute problems are no longer a problem

Again, with the on-the-go component of eFileCabinet, if you have an end of the day input or output, the mobility of your electronic office makes these situations a breeze.

Or perhaps you forgot a necessary document for a client. You simply open your document management software, pull up that pesky file, and press send.

Crisis averted, and you can start to sleep peacefully again.

The world is increasingly growing towards more technology in the workforce and at home. A mobile office is just around the corner, and taking a leap on board will save your company before information chaos gets too crazy.  

Extra Tips and Statistics that Make the Case for the Best Document Management Software 

  • Use Zonal OCR

Zonal OCR is eFileCabinet’s optical character recognition tool. This tool allows you to scan and upload all your important documents, but it’s much more than just a scanner.

Before you begin organizing your documents and files, the zone OCR turns the page into readable text. It’s a fast and very efficient way of getting your information to your electronic platform as it extracts and pulls metadata from the document, making it searchable and highly organized.

Zonal’s speedy delivery will ensure you aren’t spending hours converting your files, and later searching for them so that you can get home on time, without any setbacks or over-time hours.

  • Save money as well as time

Not only is the best document management software beneficial in the time saving area, but it can save you money, too. As the adage goes, time is money.

Your business thrives on revenue, but every year you spend more money than you should on paper and printing supplies.

According to a study done by InformIT, the average employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. That results in around $80 per employee.

Keep in mind, that statistic is only what paper costs. We haven’t even taken in to account the printers, pens, ink, and all other expenses that come along with not being a paperless office.

  • The percentage of people going paperless rose from 9% to 16% since 2015.

It’s not a huge increase, but it is growing. One by one, each business can save time, money, and reduce stress in the workplace, by taking their office fully paperless.

Everyone dreams of getting home right at 6:00 p.m., ready to start the evening with your family. Now we’re not saying that can happen every night, but when you don’t have to worry about your files, you can get home and put the office behind you.

You’ll end up saving more time than you thought each month by not flustering over your paperwork.

You know the life you want (the one where you aren’t stressed, and have more time to do what you love), now take the first step to go and grab it. All you need is the best document management software.