There are many great reasons why companies should go paperless and opt for paperless software. For example, doing so makes documents easier to find and share with others. There are many other benefits to using a file management system and creating a paperless office, as well. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of paperless software.


Security For Documents

Going paperless allows you to keep your files secure. File cabinets can be broken into, and you can lose very important documents easily. However if you have a paperless office, you have a level of security that allows you to protect sensitive documents.

Many document management systems allow role-based security. This allows different users access to certain folders, drawers, or files. You are able to set up the roles and security levels, ensuring that only those who need access get it.

A proper document management system allows you to track your history so you can see when documents were accessed and who was accessing them. This gives you greater security and peace of mind when sensitive documents are being accessed.


Central Document Repository

Without a paperless office, your files may be in different cabinet, at different desks, or even in separate offices. Finding the files you need becomes a process that can take hours. With a paperless filing system, you can have a central document repository that allows anyone with the right permissions to access the files. When you have everything in one place, files can be easily access, retrieved, and even shared when needed.


Cost Savings

Office organization takes time and money, whether you’re doing it yourself or you’ve hired someone to take care of it. However, it’s important to ensure that files are in their proper place. You have to pay employees to head to the records room, search the filing cabinets, and find the file you need. Then they have to return that file when you are done with it. By having a paperless office employees become more productive, because they’re spending less time searching for these physical documents.


Process Consistency

Many companies, such as medical offices, insurance companies, and government facilities need to follow local, state, or federal record-keeping legislation. For example , due to HIPAA regulation, medical facilities are required to prove that files and records cannot be seen by prying eyes. Paperless software allows you to work within industry standards and comply with the regulations for your industry. Plus, if you are ever audited, your files will be kept organized and easily accessible.



With the right paperless software, you can integrate the other business applications you already use. For example, eFileCabinet offers easy integration with the Microsoft Office Suite. Because of this, your paperless solution helps you to save time and become more efficient and productive.

If you haven’t already gone paperless in your office, consider the advantages of a document management system. Save time, money, and stress when it comes to accessing important files. Anything that helps make your company the best that it can be should be taken quite seriously!