v5.0 is the most secure product in the EFC document management suite. All files are stored using 256-bit encryption. If your hard drive or data is stolen, eFileCabinet data cannot be accessed without your password. All of your files are contained inside eFileCabinet so they cannot be hacked through Windows. This also prevents network users from stumbling (whether intentionally or unintentionally) onto sensitive data contained in eFileCabinet. It also keeps those important files from being deleted!


The speed of search returns, document retrieval, and browsing for documents are all greatly increased in v5.0. Our developers spent countless hours and gallons of soda re-engineering v5.0 from the ground up to insure the speed and reliability of v5.0 is unparalleled.


Utilizing document level indexing, you can now search on drawer, folder, file, metadata, or full text level searching. And since it instant, you won’t be left waiting for your search results.


It is easier than ever to get your files, not only in, but out of eFileCabinet. Utilizing Drag-and-Drop, Microsoft® Office Add-ins, Watched Folders, or Printing into v5.0, you can store and retrieve your files quickly and easily.

File Management

Your files are more organized and structured utilizing v5.0’s new interface. You are able to store more files in a folder compared to using the Windows folder structure.

Workflow and Tracking

With Workflow, managing how your documents are processed is easier than ever. This feature allows you to designate others to review, approve, and publish specific documents within eFileCabinet and easily follow their progress. Need your co-worker to review and edit a file? Simply assign the document to them, add any comments and they will receive a message the next time they login to eFileCabinet.


This additional feature makes cleaning out files easy, even for the most forgetful employee. It also allows you to better comply with regulatory compliance such as HIPPA, SEC, and FINRA by providing defined dates to automatically purge, copy, or archive files when you no longer need them. Only need to store a file for five years? Set the retention date when you initially store the document and eFileCabinet will remind you in five years when it’s time to clean out the file!

File Versioning

Systematically track the full history and life span of documents for a more consistent folder structure and to avoid accidentally overriding important drafts. eFileCabinet will track which version of the document you are on, and will give you the option to save it as a new version, preventing mislabeled files and ensuring you always know which file is the most recent.