Storing data with document management software (DMS) is more popular than ever. However, many organizations are still reluctant to make the switch. The truth is that most apprehensions about electronic document storage aren’t based on reality. In fact, your organization may be more at risk of document tampering or document loss if it’s still reliant on paper.


You Have to Restrict User Access

One of the biggest challenge of storing documents is to restrict access to authorized users. In theory, this can be accomplished by locking up your files. But how often have your employees had the chance to read or take papers that are lying around in someone’s inbox, even though they include highly confidential information? Most of the time, employees don’t even have to go out of their way to access confidential files. They can see them on your desk, in the copy machine, or in the pile of papers you still need to file away.

The truth is that electronic document management is much better equipped for restricting user access. The paperwork you see is only visible to you on your computer. All you have to do is lock your screen when you leave your desk, which is something you probably do anyway.


How Secure Is Your Office Really?

Most companies feel confident about their ability to keep files securely, but the reality is much different. Employees generally don’t have to be very sneaky about gaining access to files they have no business prying into. It only takes 1 employee who forgets to lock the filing cabinet or the door to the office, and all of your information is compromised.

We’re not just referring to your obligation to keep employee information secure; this also pertains to confidential company information such as trade secrets. How many desks have you routed this type of paperwork through without wondering who else can see it? An electronic document management system can put your mind at ease.


What About the Security Breaches in the News?

When you think of storing information in the cloud, you probably conjure up recent news about security breaches. Security breaches are real, and they are certainly a concern for electronic document management systems. But many of the cyber security breaches can be averted by properly encrypting the information.

When it comes to eFileCabinet, we are of the opinion that if a document is important enough to store, then it’s important enough to encrypt before sending it off. When storing information electronically is done the right way, your information can be more secure than ever before.


Where Is Your Information?

For those who still remember the days of purely physical documents across the board, it is odd to deal in information without actually having physical possession of it. A filing cabinet is something you can hold onto and physically open and close, whereas an electronic document seems somewhat unreal. But making the switch has proven itself to be a positive step forward.

First of all, not having physical possession of your files can be liberating. Your office will be less cluttered, and you won’t have to rent extra storage for your archives. Second, now that you no longer have to physically store the information, you don’t have to worry about document loss through theft, fire, or flooding. After all, eFileCabinet even has a backup for your backup. And there is no limit to your data storage, whereas those filing cabinets fill up quickly.

It may take some time to get used to electronic document software, but once you find out how easy it is to pull up the files you want, you’ll never want to go back to those filing cabinets.


Find that Document Quickly!

How many hours do your employees spend on searching for documents? Even if your cabinets are organized immaculately, paperwork can be misplaced, lost, or simply difficult to find. If two employees want to view the same invoice at one time, they couldn’t do so with a paper document. Besides, the one who wanted it last won’t be able to find it because they’re not going to think to look through their colleague’s desk.

If you have to find a document quickly, having an electronic document management system is the key to your success. If you can produce documentation with the click of a mouse, your customers and business partners will be impressed. After all, most organizations are slow to act because it takes so long to get the necessary paperwork together.


Paper Is Out, DMS Is In

Paper certainly has its place and will always be necessary for some tasks, like as writing a letter or a grocery list. But for your organization, switching to document management software is important in order to stay secure and up-to-date with technology. Companies who stick with using filing cabinets are going to get left behind. Plus, keeping your files secure and only accessible for authorized individuals is a requirement that’s difficult to meet when you rely on paper documents. Why don’t you give eFileCabinet a try today and see how easy it is to use?