Basic Tips for Filing Cabinet Safety [Slideshow]

Personally, we think you should avoid using filing cabinets altogether. But we understand that, even in a mostly paperless office, there are some documents that you do need to keep on hand. So if you are still using filing cabinets in your office in any capacity, check out the slideshow below for some basic safety tips. (Filing cabinets can be more dangerous than you think!) And if you’re looking for ways to reduce the number of filing cabinets in your office, contact us using the form on this page.


Location, Location, Location

Ensure that your filing cabinets are in an area away from main thoroughfares in your office. You don’t want drawers opening up into high-traffic areas. Not only will you cause a bit of congestion any time someone needs to pull a file, but people may trip over open drawers and injure themselves if they’re not paying close attention to where they’re going.


Close It Up

Always close filing cabinet drawers when you’re done retrieving or filing documents. Leaving these open can create tripping hazards and lead to bruised shins. Nobody wants that. And make sure to close the drawers properly, using the handle to ensure that your fingers don’t get pinched as you shut the drawer.


Spread It Out

Spread out your file load evenly between your drawers. If that means having to reorganize your files, do it. Stuffing the majority of your files into a single drawer creates a tipping hazard when that drawer is open—especially if that drawer is in the upper half of the cabinet.


One Drawer at a Time

Only open one drawer of your filing cabinet at a time. The more drawers you have open at once, the more likely your cabinet is to topple over. Some filing cabinets even have a locking mechanism that prevents you from opening multiple drawers. You may want to consider investing in this feature if you have a lot of people accessing your filing cabinets.


Heavy Things on Bottom

If you have any heavy items that you want to store in your filing cabinet, put it in the bottom drawer. This will help to stabilize the filing cabinet. Never use the top of your filing cabinet as a shelf for heavy items. If someone were to slam a drawer or bump the cabinet, the items may fall off and injure someone.


Lighten Your Load

Whenever possible, reduce the number of files that you store in your cabinets so that employees don’t have to strain when inserting or removing folders. While it may sound a bit unbelievable to say that filing folders can cause “strain,” it’s very true and can actually lead to injuries. Just click the link in the intro to this slideshow if you don’t believe us! Purge any outdated files as soon as you can, and convert anything you don’t need a physical copy of into a digital file and store it in eFileCabinet instead. Getting your number of files down to the bare minimum will help to make your filing cabinets safer all around; and hopefully, you’ll get rid of them altogether soon.

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