Banking professionals face numerous operational challenges; from maintaining regulatory compliance to employing advanced security procedures for the protection of their customers. Accurate and up-to-date customer records and documentation are critical to not only surviving, but succeeding in today’s dynamic business climate. eFileCabinet’s financial document management software offers integrated electronic document management solutions that enable enterprise-wide access to and management of business critical data. Intelligent document search and retrieval tools ensure rapid customer response time and informed document delivery. With a single click, you’ll work quicker, smarter and more collaboratively.

User Scenario

Compiling and managing a customer loan file is a time consuming and document centric process. How does eFileCabinet help keep you streamlined and productive? Here’s an example:


Organize and manage the considerable amounts of documents and correspondence contained in a customer loan file credit reports, applications, signature cards, administrative documents and correspondence.

Multiple users (often in separate locations) require access to information at the same time.

Preserve the security and confidentiality of customer information.

Manually processing loan paperwork is slow and expensive.


eFileCabinet offers a centralized, electronic repository and management structure for capture, management and protection of critical documents.

Intuitive tools enable multiple users to view, update and make decisions on important documents simultaneously – creating a more efficient processing environment.

Advanced search queries deliver documents to your desktop in just seconds.

Folder and document permissions structure allow you to collaborate with your team members with ease, without sacrificing confidentiality or security.

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