eFileCabinet Document Management Software
for the Banking Industry

Credit unions and banks have quite the workload to deal with when it comes to financial paperwork management.

Mortgage applications, account statements, and wire transfer requests can pile up quickly, which means your staff is spending a lot of time sorting out mountains of paper documents. They’ll spend even more time trying to find those financial documents again when they’re needed.

Labor is the highest operating expense for most credit unions and banks. Why waste your staff’s valuable time filing away financial paperwork when bank management software solutions exist to eliminate a large portion of their workload, making them more available to serve and help customers in other ways?

Also, take into consideration the security risks involved in keeping all your documents stored in a filing cabinet. Your customers’ private data is as valuable as the cash in your vault. In fact, their financial information is probably worth more than the cash.

These are just a few reasons why you should seriously consider a digital Financial Document Management software system like Rubex by eFileCabinet.

Let’s talk about why eFileCabinet should be your next financial document management and bank management software.

We chose eFileCabinet as we were looking to reduce the amount of our file storage. The benefits of eFileCabinet’s bank management software include— 1) reduction of storage, 2) MUCH easier to find needed financial information, 3) MUCH better organization of banking records. We save money on paper, boxes, and no longer have rented storage. Customers are VERY happy that we can mail encrypted documents at a moment’s notice. I’m sure that each of us in our office saves at least one hour per week and more than that during our busy season.

How we can help businesses in the banking industry

Quickly Fulfill Member Requests
Access Member Documentation in Real-Time
Reduce Operating Costs
Centralize Your Financial Institution’s Data
Integrate with Existing Business Applications
Eliminate Storage And Courier Costs
Promote Member Services with Electronic Documents
Decrease Processing Time and Costs
Support Green Initiatives And Paper Reduction
Sort New Member Applications
Streamline Loan Processes
Reduce the Need for Additional Staff
Minimize Paperwork
Regain Workspace
Recover Data From Potential Disasters
Comply With All Relevant Regulations
Mitigate Risk
Increase Employee Productivity

eFileCabinet is your solution!

Our financial document management and bank management software can help you improve your productivity, preserve your resources, and increase your member service.

It does this in a couple of ways. The first of which is through automated workflows. With these workflows, you can automate the repetitive parts of your bank’s business processes so nobody has to spend their time finishing these tasks themselves. Think of this as automatic bank management.

Gone are the days of having to find coworkers to get their signatures or filing financial documents by hand, Rubex will do all of that work for you. So instead of spending money on labor to keep your papers organized, you can invest that labor into keeping your customers invested and happy.

Rubex can also help make you more efficient with other features such as the automatic file naming system. You’ll never lose a file again due to a typo in the document’s name because you’ll never type out a name again. eFileCabinet’s Rubex can recognize different document types, read the information they contain, and give your bank documents the right, typo-free title every single time. That’ll make it even easier to search for your documents whenever you need them.

And don’t worry, if Rubex can’t recognize a specific bank document, it will put it in a separate folder so you can figure out where it goes. It won’t guess for you. Rubex is great because you can continue teaching it about new types of documents so it can recognize more and more types of paperwork so you can do less and less actual filing.

In addition to helping you streamline those processes, eFileCabinet also provides secure and legally compliant storage for your banking documents. eFileCabinet’s bank management software is fully compliant with all FINRA, HIPAA, SEC, and NASD regulations.

Many credit unions and banks use and trust eFileCabinet. Whether you prefer an on-premise or in-the-cloud solution, eFileCabinet will help make your bank management operations more efficient.

One of my partners was at a conference where eFileCabinet had a display. He came home and suggested we give it a try and we have been extremely pleased. Every time we need any help, I have always been happy with your customer service and technical support. Since we are a small firm (3 CPAs and 4 staff), I am the person that keeps all the computers and scanners up and running. I am totally sure this has saved us money as we no longer use copier toner and paper to copy the documents that we scan.

You won’t believe how easy it is to go paperless!

Spend your time with people, not their paper.

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