by Brandon Nielsen

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Last week I was in Texas visiting a major university and going over a joint final presentation to displace a larger, more expensive competitor with the eFileCabinet Enterprise Content Management solution.

The underlying problem is that the incumbent program is very expensive to renew and not all their potential users can have a license. “It’s simply too expensive to make everyone a user.”

The fact that not everyone is a user is the major contributing factor for not all of their business processes being captured into logical and efficient workflows.

This has created inefficiencies and confusion with daily statement of processes, or SOPs, that are required in order to properly carry out service requests by field engineers.

This causes a myriad of concerns when trying to properly document service repairs, or even getting the correct instructions on how to carry out the correct procedures to remedy a service ticket in the hundreds of facilities that make up the campus.

eFileCabinet is able to make all 200 employees of the service department users at a fraction of the cost of the university’s legacy system. This allows more SOPs to be created in electronic workflows, which creates more efficiency for the hundreds of work orders that must be fulfilled and documented every month.

In addition, eFileCabinet provides mobility applications that allow field engineers to search and get access via phone, tablet, or PC. This saves hundreds of hours a month by being more efficient.

eFileCabinet software also indexes, catalogs, and stores several terabytes of documents that include building schematics with metadata, so the time to research and create the supporting documentation for proper work orders happens in minutes instead of days.

As a very large university, they also work with many outside vendors. EFileCabinet provides a secure vendor portal, so site plans and engineering documents that can’t be emailed are shared privately between the university and the vendor.

eFileCabinet is a very powerful suite of applications and tools that will make any enterprise large or small more efficient.

Don’t fear what will make you greater. We take the fear out of being more efficient and being paperless. Let our team at eFileCabinet help your business stay ahead of the competition.

To learn more and to see a demonstration of this technology and how it can help your business drop me a line at 877-574-5505 or fill out the form on this page to request a quick demo.