Even if a business has the most innovative products and services with endless resources, if they are unable to find the right talent then it will all be in vain.  Employees that work hard and have their vision aligned with the company’s goals are one of the greatest determining factors of success. Nothing can get done without the right set of skills and motivation.

Additionally, the cost of new employees (even if their salary is much lower) will statistically cost a company much more from the cost of training and development.

Although hiring the right people is critical, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you follow these five strategies.

1. Use Multiple Channels to Find Talent

Because there is so much amazing talent out there, you are seriously limiting yourself if you’re only sticking with a single source for new hires. Every potential employee isn’t going to be on every channel, so by utilizing multiple channels, you’ll be able to greatly expand your reach

For example, employee referrals are an excellent resource to find impressive talent. Your employees can speak for the referrals’ character and recognize who is a good fit for the open position.

If your employees don’t know the right people, you can also utilize the numerous job listing websites. Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn are just a few examples of where people may be browsing jobs.

Although other social networking sites are becoming increasingly popular, none of them can compare to the giant, Facebook. One of its top tier features for those in the professional sphere is Facebook groups. Find a group that is specific to your industry or department. You can post the openings and even just engage in discussion on strategies for connecting with the superstars in your industry.

2. Become a Technologically Advanced Workplace

Today, new workplace technology is being created as quickly as problems arise. It’s constantly evolving to do anything you can dream of.

As you implement new tools, employee productivity can skyrocket because they aren’t stuck doing the slow tasks that can just as easily be done by a computer. This allows more employees to focus on their actual responsibilities.

If you’re stuck in the stone age and still using pen and paper for everything, you’re  showing that your business isn’t adaptable and may not have a strong future ahead of it. People want to work at a company that has a strong potential for growth.

To make the first step towards a technologically advanced workplace, check out Rubex by eFileCabinet to automate your slow daily processes.

3. Prioritize Company Culture

Overall, company culture is the employee experience. Having a great culture will show your employees that it isn’t just a job that they have to show up to everyday. It’s a place where their ideas are heard, they can develop friendships, and they are seen as people and not robotic employees.

If your current employees don’t love working, it will be extremely difficult to attract top talent. Investing in company culture will come with a huge payout. Happy employees will care more about the company’s mission and will put in more effort to reach your goals.

4. Have an Impressive Social Media Presence

Now that you’ve established an amazing company culture, show it off! Social media is a great tool that not only advertises your amazing service or product, but also humanizes your company as a whole and shows what sets you apart. 

Before anyone seriously considers a job, they’ll likely do a quick search to see what they can find out about the company. If you make use of social media to show off employees and activities, those that are considering applying for a position will see a real, fun group of people.

Social media will help you to present your brand and make yourself recognizable, which will make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Get Employee Feedback and Put it into Practice

To make your company a place that people want to work, take time to understand your current employees and how they feel. If employees know that their opinion is valued, they will be more likely to speak highly of you and attract talent. 

Hearing from employees directly will be an excellent resource to you about what changes you should put in place to improve the employee experience. Set up a safe space for employees to share their thoughts about what works and what has room for improvement. 

Here are a few ideas on encouraging open employee communication and honest feedback:

  • Send out a survey via email that can be submitted anonymously
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings between all employees and managers
  • Have a meeting with each department with an open discussion
  • Conduct an exit interview for employees that are leaving the company

By taking advantage of some or all of these ideas and putting the feedback into practice, your employees will know that their opinion matters. You may pinpoint a problem that previously deterred top talent from further exploring opportunities with your company. Open communication will go a long way to successfully pique the interest of potential employees.

By putting these five strategies into action, you’ll be able to find, attract, and retain your industry’s most sought after talent without a hitch.