If you listen to popular accounts, Millennials are ruining everything,  but this rising generation is already making a huge impact on the workplace. They already account for 50% of the workforce and set to make up nearly 75% by 2025. They’re more than just the people in the office that play ping pong and eat avocado toast. They’re helping companies grow and become more successful. With these rising numbers, it’s crucial to attract the new talent, and there is no better way to do so than implementing cloud-based software in your company.

There is no refuting that going paperless attracts more millennial talent. It’s a greener way of doing business. Research suggests that millennials are environmentally conscious, passionate about changing the world, and well acquainted with technology’s ever-expanding potential. Therefore, attracting top millennial talent to your HR department requires providing a workspace following this belief system. Document management systems like eFileCabinet help usher in this culture.

Another way cloud-based technology is attractive to Millenials is doing things on-the-go. Using a cloud-based document management software to do HR work lets workers collaborate securely and efficiently from mobile, tablet, and laptop devices in any location there’s an internet connection.

Millennials have no interest in becoming the office parodies they laughed at in the movie ‘Office Space.’ There is nothing more comedic to a millennial than the drudgery of any paper-laden workspace resembling the one depicted in this film. What kind of HR manager could accept such an environment for his or her company’s workers—especially when it jeopardizes millennial talent retention?

So, instead of claiming that working with millennials is difficult, human resource professionals can adopt the enterprise software necessary to let these millennials perform as freely and creatively as desired. In utilizing cloud-based document management software, HR professionals give these millennials the resources to work from home via their phones, laptops, and tablets—reducing IT costs for newly minted entrepreneurs and developed organizations alike.

Essentially, millennials are immersed in technology to the extent that they can utilize it in the breadth of its potential, which entails giving them the freedom they desire in the office, wherever that ‘office’ may be. Using eFileCabinet allows you to take your entire office in your pocket without wasting storage space on your device. It also helps your team keep documents safe and secure.

Neither the seasoned veterans of the workforce nor the millennials who now work among them should have to work at the speed of paper: the speed of inefficiency—the speed of potential not realized—the speed of freedoms yet to be felt and opportunities missed.

Using a cloud-based document management system will not only help you be more productive, but it will also attract more talented employees. People will now see a business leader invested in using cutting-edge technology to offer more flexibility to their employees while helping them be more productive. This kind of statement speaks volumes.