by David Whitehead

Most funeral directors are familiar with this situation.

Tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc…

“What is taking so long? Have I called Aunt Janice? I hope dad picked out a nice casket. I really need to get home, people are going to be coming over. Who will I buy flowers from? I wonder if Dad has already taken care of the flowers. Can you even order flowers ahead of time?”

“I have got to get home. Where is he? It shouldn’t be taking this long! I don’t want to be here. I hate funeral homes. Dad said he had everything taken care of. I hope they haven’t lost the paperwork. What am I going to do if they have? How hard is it to find? Don’t they have a good system to find this stuff? I have to get home.”

These are the thoughts running through your customers minds as they wait, and wait, and wait for you to find the paperwork their father filled out 15 years ago.

You remember their father. You’re sure you filed the paperwork, but where is it?


Document Management for Funeral Homes

This unpleasant experience could be avoided. It doesn’t need to happen. A good document management system would eliminate this poor customer service experience.

How nice would it be to have a customer come to your funeral home, you invite them into your family consultation room, and in less than 60 seconds, you have all of their loved one’s paperwork. The Pre-Need insurance policy, the wishes of the deceased, and the contract all quickly available to them to look over and give you final approval.

You are able give them comfort by assuring them that everything is taken care of and you will take care of all of the wishes of their loved one.

No Stress.

No additional grief.

No anger or hurt.

Just great customer service that they will be telling everyone who attends the funeral.

To learn how to get your funeral home set up with a document management system that will improve the experience of the at-need counseling session, please fill out the contact form on this page or call us at 877-574-5505.