As a business or organization, you will deal with a lot of records and data that must be stored and managed. The longer you’re in business, the more records will pile up, making proper management increasingly important. Records management in Australia isn’t as simple as throwing everything in a filing cabinet, though. There are standards that must be met—standards that have been created and are enforced by the ISO.

What Is the ISO?

ISO stands for The International Organization for Standardization. This is a worldwide body that comes together and determines the standards for a variety of different fields. These different fields all have a specific Technical Committee associated with them, and this committee creates and implements standards for that specific field. For a field to stay compliant with the ISO, they must keep up with all the new standards being implemented as time goes on.

One field that many businesses and organizations deal with is information and documentation, handled by Technical Committee TC-46. TC-46, in association with Subcommittee SC-11 (Archives/Record Management), created the standards in AS ISO 15489.

What Is AS ISO 15489?

AS ISO 15489 is an Australian-created ISO standard known as The Standard for Information Documentation—Record Management. It deals with exactly what the name implies and must be followed by any business or organization that keeps records (including the ISO itself). It is in place so that an organization doesn’t lose or accidentally destroy any important records and so any client of that organization (either internal or external) can access the records at any time without fear of anything happening to them. These standards are also known as AS ISO 15489-1, as there is an additional technical document known as AS ISO 15489-2 that is designed to be used with it.

The Main Components of AS ISO 15489-1

By using these standards, an organization has guidance on creating, capturing, and managing records. To help ensure proper ongoing management of these records, AS ISO 15489-2 should be consulted. Still, part 1 covers a number of key aspects when it comes to record management. The standards apply to the management of all records, regardless of format or media, which are created by any organization in the conduct of its activities. It provides guidance on determining the responsibilities of a given organization when it comes to records procedures, processes/systems, and policies. It also helps organizations design and implement a proper records system that complies with other ISO standards (most notably ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).

Who Needs to Pay Attention to AS ISO 15489?

Any manager of an organization, any professional who deals with records and IT management, and anyone with the duty or responsibility of creating or maintaining records should be well versed in the details of AS ISO 15489.

Outsourcing Records Management Responsibilities

Since the ISO can be confusing, and AS ISO 15489 contains a lot of information to comply with, many organizations choose to outsource their records management to a third party that specializes in these sorts of things. After all, staying ISO compliant is an immense task that requires a lot of effort, and many businesses and organizations simply can’t afford to dedicate all of the time necessary to ensure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed in their records management systems.

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