The legality of an eSignature is a reasonable concern for individuals and organizations entering into contracts in a paperless office environment. The growing number of transactions taking place only online makes this an issue of great importance. Even when it may be possible to get a physical document signed, the eSignature provides several advantages.


Some advantages of using eSignatures:

  • Instant Document Sharing
  • Electronic Storage
  • Accessible Anywhere
  • Multi-Device Access
  • File Backup for Added Security
  • Convenience
  • Supplemental Attachments

As people place more trust in doing business online or in the Cloud, it only seems natural that contractual obligations must be recognized when an eSignature is used. The advantages listed above are too important to be ignored in our light-speed world. When a transaction that would traditionally take several hours of a day to complete can be accomplished in a few minutes, productivity for all involved is bound to improve.


Access and Security

If we consider hard copy accessibility versus electronic access, there is no challenge. A document signed electronically can be stored, accessed, shared, and copied from any location, on multiple devices where a connection to the internet is available. Additionally, any supplemental documents relevant to a signed contract can either be attached to the primary document or linked to the primary document for immediate reference. All of this can be accomplished with an effective document management system.

In every business transaction, security is a great concern. It is important to use secure websites and service providers for online transactions. Secure Cloud technology is provided to banks, the federal government, and Fortune 500 companies, and the same technology is available to individuals too.