Do you sometimes feel like you’re being flooded with documents that you would much rather have evaporate into thin air? Especially with tax season, April can feel like a hectic month for keeping your files organized, especially if you’re storing paper documents. We like to get rid of the clutter by sending those documents to the Cloud. Look around your office and home to see if you can store the following documents online.


These forms can be especially worrisome this time of year. We recently wrote a post about how long to keep documents related to taxes. These are great to keep in the Cloud because it’s easy to sort data according to type and time. When you need to retrieve files quickly, you can’t beat the Cloud.


Invoices are great to keep in the Cloud because they will be secure. If you take appropriate security measures like using a firewall and using secure networks, your data can be more safe than using a physical file cabinet.

Billing statement—

It is important to keep billing statements for your records. The Cloud gives you the ability to pull them online when you need them, and refer to them quickly if you have questions about transactions.

Legal documents—

If you are an attorney and you need to keep confidential files, or if you’re a small business that needs to keep legal documents going back decades, the Cloud is an excellent option. Storing these files online can give attorneys a special advantage through document tracking. If a file needs to be updated or shared, there is no faster way to do it than online document storage.

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