API Documentation

The eFileCabinet application programming interface (API) allows for robust integration with third-party applications by means of a Component Object Model (COM) or .Net Referenced Assembly interface. Through the API, integrated systems can retrieve documents and meta-data stored in eFileCabinet as well as automate many eFileCabinet tasks such as creating new drawers, folders, and files. This allows for direct reference to files and data stored in the eFileCabinet document repository, making it possible for developers to leverage the power and functionality of eFileCabinet in enhancing their own applications.

Available with the eFileCabinet API is a rich software development kit (SDK) which contains comprehensive documentation on the methods and objects exposed by the API, complete with full example code written in both C# and Visual Basic .Net. This allows you to quickly and easily get started with a new eFileCabinet integration.

For more information, contact our integrations group.