If you are starting your business, or if you have been running one for quite some time, it can quickly become overwhelming in terms of keeping track of documents. You’re never quite sure what you should throw away while also not being sure what you should keep. How is it even possible to sort through the emails and the paperwork you’re bombarded with through the mail?

Luckily, there are programs out there that live to make your life easier by sorting information for you through their programming and specific features. These programs are known as Document Management Services or DMS for short. There are more than a few out there, so which one is for you? Well, there is only one option, and that is to compare two of the top contenders and decide for yourself.

Two you have probably heard of are Alfresco and eFileCabinet. Each of these is different in their own way, but there is one that surpasses the other in quality and user-friendliness. Read below to decide for yourself.


Alfresco Features Review

Alfresco strongly encourages you and your business to integrate the entire system throughout it. With Alfresco at every end of things, everything will begin to tie in together nicely. Alfresco is a program that does as it’s intended, which is managing documents. However, the most important part of managing documents is having documents to manage. Alfresco offers a feature that quickly allows you to add documents and files into the program and sort them without a hitch.

Content is stored in the repository, so accessing and storing content will go through this feature. While in the repository, you can create folders to add another specific place for each file stored, which will aid in recovery later. You can drag and drop the files, or select files all at once and upload them together to save time.

Sorting through all this information would be tricky on a messy interface, but Alfresco offers a clean interface that allows for customization and quick navigation throughout the program. Moving things around the way you like them will increase the initial speed and efficiency of your use with the program. It does this by limiting the amount of time spent searching for a feature you’re in need of right now.

In Alfresco, you can tag and place your files in those specific folders. This will help anyone who is trying to find those folders and files. Once the file is in the Alfresco program, it can be accessed and duplicated throughout any device with access to the program. The quick and easy way to find the data that was stored is by using the search bar provided by the program. Using certain filters, tags, and names will aid in your search. It increases speed and efficiency; this way, the proper form is found each time it is searched for.

Not everyone can access each folder. Limiting access to files and information is a requirement to use with HIPAA. This means that Alfresco is compliant to HIPAA, to aid in health record and information storage for any business in need of such storage.

To try Alfresco, you will need to visit their website and download their free trial. If you like the product, you can fill out the appropriate information to receive a quote specific to you and your need for the program. Each person or business may require different portions of the program, or different programs altogether, so finding the right fit for you is important.


eFileCabinet Features Review

If finding the right fit for you is the most important thing, then you will want to keep your eyes open for eFileCabinet. This program is sure to knock all of the competition out of the park, due to the level of quality and its integration of specific features that increase its practicality. eFileCabinet offers a two-for-one deal because it is definitely for those that appreciate working at a desk, but know that they are in need of their documents on the go. eFileCabinet implements its Cloud services for its customers to make going back to the office for paperwork a thing of the past.

Anywhere you are, you can upload and search for files that you couldn’t possibly take on your own. A library of information involving your business is at the tip of your fingers. When uploading information, it’s just as simple as searching for it. The program offers the option to specify where the file will end up, exactly. Doing this includes a numerous amount of folders and tags that can be added to the group of files, as well as uploading cabinets. Cabinets are specific to this program and increase the size of the information being sent without messing up the organization it previously had. The more specific the cabinet, the easier it will be for others with access to the program to find the right information.

The ability to add security to certain files permits this program to be used with HIPPA. And, unlike Alfresco, eFileCabinet offers audit trail tracking, so you can see every action that occurs on any document, who did it, and when it was done. This makes it possible to easily pass any audits from HIPAA or other regulatory entities.

If there are any questions you have regarding HIPPA, there are customer service representatives ready to assist you. The user-friendly interface of the program doesn’t end there. eFileCabinet representatives are available to assist you throughout any difficulties you have with the program, no matter the subject.

Another great feature eFileCabinet offers, which is not available through Alfresco, is their eSignature feature. This allows you to have clients sign documents electronically, saving you from printing documents for signatures. eFileCabinet even has a mobile app, so you can access, share, and sign documents from anywhere on a mobile device.

eFileCabinet is there for those waiting to take their business to a whole new level of professionalism. If you’re looking for a switch in DMS providers, or if you want to implement them into your business for the first time, make the right decision and go with the best option from the start.

eFileCabinet has already had the pleasure of helping multiple businesses achieve their individual goals and maintain the much-needed organization a business requires. You deserve the best and your business deserves the best, so don’t settle for anything but the best. Don’t settle for anything but eFileCabinet.

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