Advertising Agency and Media Management: Document Management Solutions

Advertising Agency and Media Management: Document Management Solutions.

Managing an advertising agency can be a daunting task, with clients constantly looking myriad information such a proposals, cost analyses, mock-ups, demos, make goods, and ratings.

Managing a Media Firm

In the media industry, presentations, TV-spots, orders, proofs, write-ups and added value financial analyses are just a few of the types of informational categories expected to be stored, managed and recalled, and all in a timely fashion. If you’re looking for contracts and agreements, while also managing spreadsheets, funnels, client lists, and media contacts, it may sometimes feel amazing that anything gets done at all.

In addition to the different types of information you need to manage, your organization also has diverse types of employees, who have their individual backgrounds and approaches to organizing the documents, folders, presentations, etc. that they are responsible for. With specialists ranging from sales people to graphic artists, social media gurus, media buyers, and traffic personnel, finding a way for all these separate individuals to work in concert presents an inherent organizational challenge. Ensuring that all the cogs are working together can takes a disproportionate amount of your time and recourses, draining energy and bogging down productivity. Even when the upmost efforts are made to encourage cohesion, often that is not enough and time is still wasted.

Searching for documents take time. Tracking down the sales person or graphic artist takes time. Pulling up a contract or a ratings sheet takes time, a lot of time. Especially if it is in paper form or is hidden on your shared drive under some filing and naming structure that needs a college degree to decipher.

If you find workflows and day-to-day management are being dragged down by tedious tasks such as paper management, it may be time to consider a new system rather than forcing an older, inefficient , paper heavy system to work.

Making Management Easier

Managing all of those pieces of your business can be made much easier with great Document Management Software. Document management software takes the paper out of filing, reducing much of the tedium and wasted time and space that gets in the way of managing a multi-faceted business.

Additionally, by having a single interface for managing every conceivable file type, almost regardless of size or format, organization is streamlined, workflow is enhanced, and management becomes a breeze.

With document management software (DMS) you can:

  • Store or save documents in an organized and intuitive system that every employee uses.
  • Search for those documents you need, regardless of who saved them, quickly and easily.
  • Share those documents with employees, clients and vendors fast and securely.
  • Easy document storage.
  • Fast document search.
  • Secure document sharing.
  • Turn you good advertising agency into a great advertising agency with eFileCabinet.

Think of how nice it would be, if when you get a call from a client saying they haven’t received their invoice yet, instead of saying “I’ll get our accounts receivable department to send that over”, you pull it up electronically and send it to them securely and immediately. That’s great customer service.

Document Management is one of the keys to a great advertising agency. If the proper paperwork doesn’t get to the proper person or company, in a timely fashion, your agencies reputation may suffer, causing clients and media vendors to be less interested in working with you. A bad reputation can kill an advertising agency faster than anything else.

To see how eFileCabinet can help your advertising agency or media management company save time, space, and money and increase organizational efficiency, schedule a free demo.