Because accounting is a crucial, foundational aspect of keeping any business running smoothly, choosing the right system is critically important. Accounting solutions need to contain the flexibility, scope and detail your business needs to keep track of information like invoices, customer relations, etc. Mark Johnson, an IT analyst at Hitech Cloud Hosting Solutions, recently gave his recommendations on the best accounting software currently on the market:

1. Sage 50 Accounting—

Sage 50 has a solid reputation and is ideally suited for business applications and tax filing, for both electronic and paper returns.

2. Microsoft Dynamics—

GPA do it all workhorse. This program is one part accounting solution, one part business management solution, and comes integrated with other Microsoft Office Suite products.

3. Connected Core—

A versatile, customizable, and user-friendly program, Connected Core works well across many different platforms, such as Mac and PC.

4. Account Edge—

This software is both flexible and powerful, it would take an accounting professional to utilize this program to its full potential. The program generates close to 300 financial reports, multi billing rates, inventory customizing, and kit building.

5. Intuit Quickbooks—

One of the most widely used solutions, there are different versions tailored for differing levels of user expertise, and fits very well with small business needs.

6. Sage Business Vision Accounting—

Well-matched for helping keep track of inventory and sales, this program is customizable scalable, and comes in 5 different versions.

Each of these accounting programs allows accountants to efficiently meet the needs of their diverse clients, including handling invoicing, creating profit and loss statements, reporting taxes, and performing other critical business activities. But how should accountants who use these programs handle document management? eFileCabinet’s paperless document management system presents an ideal platform for storing, organizing, and sharing accounting information electronically. Paperless document management systems by eFileCabinet present an ideal platform for storing, organizing, and sharing accounting information electronically. Paperless solutions offer a secure, accessible, and lightning-fast system for accounting professionals who are seeking a focused way to help simplify and manage the vast amount of information they generate and store. eFileCabinet eliminates the need for keeping paper records and allows all records to be shared with appropriate individuals instantly and securely via our client portal, SecureDrawer.

The original article by Mark Johnson can be found here.