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eFileCabinet Document Management Software

Accounting departments in the modern world face far more challenges than tabulating accounts receivable and accounts payable columns, so why rely on a business medium (paper documents) allowing your accounting department to do only those two things efficiently?

With eFileCabinet, you can keep everything in one place and automate the processes that bog you down.

If your accounting department is relying on paper-dependent processes to sustain your organization’s financial welfare, even your most skilled employees will have trouble keeping pace with expectations from regulators and the organization you support alike.

But these challenges are only the beginning of proving your department’s worth in the organizational context. In order to ensure the financial health your organization needs to thrive, you are likely well aware that meeting the following performance objectives is of the utmost importance:

  • Reliability: There’s no room to misfile or lose documents.

  • Precision: Keeping track of all the information auditors may request can be daunting.

  • Efficiency: It’s virtually impossible to keep pace with your organization’s rate of growth while relying on paper-dependent processes such as faxing, printing, manually filing information in filing cabinets.

We know that change can be scary as it affects the precision accounting departments so deeply value and find in familiar methods of conducting business. However, if enough accountants made the switch to eFileCabinet paperless software—and in positive enough fashion—to earn us a CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice award, so can you: It’s far easier than making it to the end of our written testimonials page. Going paperless is legal and cost effective, and guaranteed to ensure long-term return on investment.

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DMS for Accountants: Not Optional Anymore

Read, in this free guide, why document management software is not only essential to all Accounting departments but for your clients’ information security as well.

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North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company:
The Accounting Department Yours Could Be Like

The accounting department of North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug handles accounts payable with eFileCabinet document management software. The company ships $5.2 million daily, which translates to annual revenues well over one billion and hundreds of invoices. Mike Broome, the Chief Financial Officer and head of the accounting department, says they were able to:

  • Do away with 7 years of paper
  • Enjoy anxiety-free implementation: A single CSV file can create all drawers within the eFileCabinet software, and implementation can be phased, resulting in less downtime
  • Reduce expenses: “As a company, we were going through over a pallet of paper a month. That’s going to be big money savings. By the end of our fiscal year I think we’ll see a pretty good savings just with the paper we’re not using,” notes Broome.
  • Increase efficiency: “Just from the sheer volume of files that we had, if you were looking for an invoice you could spend hours looking for it. Now it’s an easy find. It also allows other departments to view them, and eliminates the phone calls between departments. They have access at their fingertips, and can find files themselves. This is also going to help our year-end audit, and we’re looking forward to that.”
  • Save Storage Space: “Space reduction is the number one benefit. We have racks full in our warehouse of the past seven years’ of A/P data. This is out last year of paper. We can now use our warehouse to store our product instead of storing paper.”
Accounting Document Management Software

Features Your Accounting Department Needs

Accounting Document Management Software

The SideKick

Serving as the bridge between your device and our software, this feature eliminates the pop-up windows you dread, provides dynamic panels and responsive design, highly functional file pinning utility, simple navigation, and is compatible with all popular internet browsers—no plug ins required.

Accounting Document Management Software

Zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Accounting departments work with lots of forms and documents, which is why Zonal OCR is so powerful: it’s the equivalent of an extra-efficient virtual office assistant specializing in data entry. Retaining the ability to auto-populate and recognize data, it also automatically files documents into eFileCabinet.

Accounting Document Management Software

Role-based User Permissions

Role-based user permissions differentiate standard users from users with permission to access certain files within a DMS, and these permissions can be specified quickly, efficiently, and without error to a DMS administrator or manager’s liking—ensuring your accounting department is in compliance and not leaking valuable information.

Depending on how hierarchy is structured with the role-based user permissions feature, administrators can call support teams to assign auditor licenses to external auditors, which are different than the user licenses an organization has with DMS. With role-based user permissions, administrators in your accounting department can also manage file retention schedules and employees with equal precision—automating, in many respects, the managerial process and freeing up time to tend to more pressing issues.

Role-based user permissions provide ‘view only’ access to organizations in any industry that is subjected to audits, and ensure auditors won’t mistakenly alter the information in the event your accounting department is audited.

Accounting Document Management Software

Automated Audit Trails

Audit trails will also show which changes have been made to which documents and by whom, including who has viewed the information—all three of these being legally relevant factors. Our DMS simplifies both internal audits and external audits. The internal audit trail function of DMS allows administrators and managers employed in your accounting department to track the accountability, progress, and task completion of employees. It also simplifies external audits conducted by a third party—making all relevant information accessible, traceable, and compliant.

Accounting Document Management Software

Automated file Retention and Deletion

For compliance purposes, most accounting departments need to store information for 4 to 5 years, which can result in a lot of clutter, so getting rid of files when they’re no longer of use is important. If an administrator in your accounting department is uncertain about when a document should be deleted to uphold legal compliance, or knows a document will be ‘evergreen’ and useful for long periods of time, the digital archive feature will help store these files without consuming greater amounts of physical space. Consequently, the benefits of going paperless are compounded as more and more files accumulate in a DMS’s digital archives. Additionally, digital archiving prevents document damage and automates document disposal so digital storage space is retained and clutter is reduced for your accounting department.

Accounting Document Management Software

We Solve Your Common Office Problems

  • Work at the speed of thought, but without human errors

  • Automate redundant processes

  • Save space and money

  • Keep all documents and files in one place

  • Waste less time

  • Eliminate lost and misfiled documents

  • Work from anywhere

  • Facilitate compliance and ensure security

  • Improve customer service

  • Achieve a consistent file structure

  • Securely share files of any size

  • Control access and track files

  • Fast track document turnaround

  • Protect and expand your business

  • Maximize your performance

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