eFileCabinet Document Management Software for the ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT

Accounting departments in the modern world face far more challenges than tabulating accounts receivable and accounts payable columns, so why rely on a business medium (paper documents) allowing your accounting department to do only those two things efficiently?

With Rubex by eFileCabinet, you can keep everything in one place and automate the processes that bog you down.

If your accounting department is relying on paper-dependent processes to sustain your organization’s financial welfare, even your most skilled employees will have trouble keeping pace with expectations from regulators and the organization you support alike.

But these challenges are only the beginning of proving your department’s worth in the organizational context. In order to ensure the financial health your organization needs to thrive, you are likely well aware that meeting the following performance objectives is of the utmost importance:


Reliability: There’s no room to misfile or lose documents.


Precision: Keeping track of all the information auditors may request can be daunting.


Efficiency: It’s virtually impossible to keep pace with your organization’s rate of growth while relying on paper-dependent processes such as faxing, printing, manually filing information in filing cabinets.

We know that change can be scary as it affects the precision that accounting departments deeply value and find in the traditional methods of conducting business. However, if enough accountants made the switch to Rubex paperless software—and in positive enough fashion—to earn us a CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice award, so can you: It’s far easier than making it to the end of our written testimonials page. Going paperless is more cost effective than ever, and guaranteed to ensure long-term return on investment.