Have you heard of accounting automation? Does your company use some sort of accounting automation software? Accountants nationwide could benefit a lot by embracing accounting automation.

In this article, we’ll talk about what account automation software is and how it can help you do your job better.

How Can Accounting Departments Increase Efficiency?

Whether you’re a standalone accountant dealing with accounts payable and other invoices or part of a larger firm or simply an employee in a business’s accounting department, you’re at least partially responsible for someone’s financial wellbeing. And that’s a lot of responsibility. From prepping for Tax Day to making sure that the day-to-day financials look good you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Luckily, there’s a way to make your job easier.

First, you have to have the right accounting policies in place. Proper policies and procedures will help you and your coworkers develop an effective and efficient workflow. It’ll also help you know what Plan B should be in case Plan A doesn’t work. Tired of chasing people down for their signatures? If so, there should be a policy to speed up the signing process so you’re not wasting time doing that anymore.

Second, once you’ve created the proper company policies and procedures, you’ll need to train your staff so they know what to do. Once they’re aware of how the company plans on operating, they can personalize their workflows and processes to best fit both their needs and the needs of the new company procedures.

All of this, of course, can be made easier with accounting automation software like Rubex by eFileCabinet. The right account automation software can help you put certain accounting automation processes into place so you can spend less time training your employees on new procedures, and they can spend more time doing their jobs.

What Is Accounting Automation?

Accounting automation is a method of making certain procedures and parts of your workflow automatic. Meaning you don’t have to have to take time to do them. Instead, your accounting automation software will do the work for you.

Why waste time doing work that can be done by your software? Instead, focus on the more complicated tasks that need an expert’s touch.

For example, let’s talk about signatures again. A quality account automation software can automatically recognize when a document is at the stage where it needs a signature.

Accounting automation software like Rubex can automatically send that document to whoever needs to sign and approve that it was done correctly.

Not only that, but it can also send automated reminders to that person should they not see the original notification that there’s a document that they need to sign. Worst case scenario, they ignore their notifications and, after a set period of time, your automation software triggers its Plan B and goes to someone else.

It’s doing all of this while you’re working on another document.

Accounting automation is great for anyone who’s looking to get rid of all the small, repetitive tasks that get in the way of you doing what you were hired to do. Since your expertise are needed elsewhere, might as well let Rubex’s accounting automation software chase down signatures, automate workflows, and file your documents for you.

Will Accounting Jobs Be Automated?

Whenever an industry starts automating tasks, there’s always a fear that job cuts are coming soon after. And there’s a worry further still that implementing automation in the workplace will just speed that process along. So do you have to worry about accounting jobs being automated? Is accounting automation putting your job at risk?

Of course not.

Rubex by eFileCabinet, along with other account automation software solutions are there to help make your job easier. Accounting automation is about doing all of the work an accountant needs to do but doesn’t actually require an accountant to do it. Rubex specifically will help you file your documents, implement easy-to-follow workflow procedures, notify your clients and coworkers when you need a signature, and a variety of other tasks.

You can think of document management instead as your 24/7 accounting assistant.

What Is The Best Accounting Automation Software?

The best accounting automation software is going to be whatever can do all of the work an accountant needs done but doesn’t actually require an accountant to do. That means the right accounting automation software can digitize your paperwork, file your documents, send documents securely, automate your workflows, ensure compliance with the law, all while keeping your data accessible wherever you are.

In other words, the best accounting automation software is Rubex by eFileCabinet.

Rubex is a document management solution that will automate all of the work you need to be done in individual workflows so you can focus on the work that needs an accountant’s expertise.

eFileCabinet’s Account Automation Software Has Everything You Need To Make Your Job Easier

If you want to create automated workflow processes, eFileCabinet can help. If you need to digitize your paper files to make your data more accessible, eFileCabinet can help with that too. If you need someone to chase down coworkers and clients and get their signature or approval, eFileCabinet can do that as well.

Rubex by eFileCabinet can help your accounting business, firm, or department embrace accounting automation with ease, saving you both time and money.

You can learn more about Rubex by eFileCabinet by signing up for a free demo. In our free, no-commitment demo, we’ll show you how to turn your office paperless, how to digitize and organize all of your files, how to set up automatic workflows and permissions, and much more.