Account Edge Accounting Software

A versatile software accounting solution, AccountEdge products are often termed the Swiss army knife of accounting solutions. AccountEdge offers great flexibility and multi-billing rates to help track chargeable and non-chargeable time. The software also has approximately 300 financial reports which can be customized to meet specific needs. It even has a mobile app for Apple iOS products. AccountEdge also has an inventory command center which grants users the ability to control their inventories using adjustable pricing levels and kit building.


What Kind of Features does AccountEdge Have?

Manage Your Banking, Credit Card, and Expense Accounts
The Accounts Chart contains all the accounts your business needs to track, such as assets, liabilities, equities, income, and expenses. Whether you choose from 100 Charts of account templates or create your own account templates, AccountEdge can work for your business.

Set Up Your Recurring Transactions Once

Most businesses have recurring expenses and transactions to record. With AccountEdge you can enter transactions to be carried out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You can also set up reminders to record transactions before they make it into your books.


Departments And Profit Centers

Each line item related to a transaction can be applied to a single department or split between multiple departments, helping enhance reporting focus. Each contact card is initially assigned to a default department, which can later be overwritten when necessary for specific transactions.


Track Company Mileage

Keep a mileage log in AccountEdge that tracks fuel and mileage reimbursements filtered by company vehicle or employee.


Add Journal Entries Quickly

Create double-entry journal records for things like asset, liability, equity, income, and expense accounts.

Secure Your Important Business Information

The Company Data Auditor assists with ensuring that your business data is correct, protected, and balanced. It backs up and verifies your company files, enables you to lockdown reconciled financial data, keeps a detailed audit trail, and runs reviews to make sure your numbers are balanced.


Gain Understanding With Business Insights (Mac Only)

Business Insights calculates important financial information, providing up-to-date information about profits, turnover, and operating balances between fiscal years.


AccountEdge and eFileCabinet

AccountEdge software helps small business owners and accountants meet their diverse needs through activities like handling invoicing, creating profit and loss statements, reporting taxes, and performing other critical business activities. Once records are generated, though, they will need to be securely stored and easily accessible. Document management systems by eFileCabinet apply the efficiency of going paperless to storing and accessing financial records. eFileCabinet helps enhance the ease and security of storing, organizing, and sharing accounting information in a way that ultimately will help save money and labor.

Paperless solutions offer a secure, accessible, and lightning-fast system for accounting professionals who are seeking a focused way to help simplify and manage the vast amount of information they generate and store. eFileCabinet eliminates the need for keeping paper records and allows all records to be shared with appropriate individuals instantly and securely via our client portal, SecureDrawer. Fill out the form on this page for a free demonstration and to see how eFileCabinet can work with AccountEdge.