In our ever more connected world, we’ve grown used to having constant access to our data at all times, from anywhere. As long as there’s an internet connection, that’s all you need to access the cloud. Having fast, convenient access to our data is important, especially to those who are constantly on the move as part of their job.
However, when dealing with important business documents, they require more care and security than other types of information. In this regard, we are limited to how we access our documents if we want to take the essential steps to safeguard them.

Unparalleled Access

Software as a Service (SaaS) has picked up steam as the preferred model for business software. Chiefly because of the lack of dedicated software you need to install, SaaS applications are much more convenient. Having access through a web browser, means you’re not limited to accessing your data on certain devices.

eFileCabinet is a document management solution that provides both a desktop version and SaaS versions, allowing businesses to choose which method of access they prefer. When using the SaaS version of eFileCabinet, you don’t need to worry about using up your device’s storage space.

For mobile users, you can still access eFileCabinet through a browser app, but there is a mobile application that comes with some enhanced features that utilizes more of the phone’s hardware. Using the phone’s camera, you can upload a document by taking a photo of it. You can also e-sign documents with the touch screen.


All of these features give you quick, unfettered access to all of your business’s important documents whether they are invoices, contracts or any other official records, allowing you to keep on top of work on the go. In many cases, conveniences like these can come at the cost security, but with eFileCabinet, security remains a top priority.

Convenience Without Compromise

eFileCabinet utilizes several layers of security to make sure your documents remain uncompromised and the personal information of your clients remain private. Many of these security layers are customizable, allowing you to determine the level of security your data requires.

Access to the system can be safeguarded with stringent security protocols, including password requirements for users. Two-factor authentication can also be enabled which is a valuable tool for preventing access by outside parties who somehow acquire a user’s password. Access can also be limited to IP Address, so users can only connect to the system over trusted internet connections, such as through a VPN, or it can be used to restrict access from everywhere but designated locations.

Documents kept either in the cloud or in your own on-premise server are encrypted with bank-level 256-bit AES. Furthermore, documents are transferred over an SSL/TLS encrypted connection. This is also the case for files transferred to outside parties like clients. Rather than sending an encrypted document, the system forms a secure connection and allows them to download the document from the interface through a guest account.

For tightening security internally, eFileCabinet provides role-based permissions. As an administrator, you assign users to different groups which you can then assign permissions to for individual documents, folders or even whole cabinets. You can set minimal permissions like read-only, to full permission which allows them to download and edit. With the most strict permissions in place, certain users won’t even be able to see the document within the system. Regardless of permissions, each document carries a version history that details each action by what users and at what time. This makes for quick audits when necessary.

There’s no such thing as being too careful, which is why eFileCabinet supplies administrators with the tools necessary to secure their business’s essential documents. Easy access doesn’t have to mean unsecure. To learn more about how eFileCabinet protects your data, fill out the form below to view a free demo.

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