We know there are lots of tech solutions that tout that it’ll be the last product or service you’ll ever need. However, sometimes certain tech solutions don’t have the capability to grow with an organization if it experiences rapid growth. Or, it can but not in an efficient way. Solutions that are truly scalable with your agency, whether it’s a city government, a county government, or other office, need to be built with tools that can take it to a small system to an enterprise-size level.


Document management is tech solution that especially needs to be prepared to effectively expand as an organization grows, and not just in storage. Document management needs to provide the means to easily expand the organization’s preferred filing system and preferences. Being able to continue using or easily adjust a filing system for expected growth should be accomplished with minimal work so those in charge of record-keeping aren’t burdened with repeating the same work over and over.

As a system expands, it also should be just as easy to access and retrieve documents as it was when the system was smaller. Even if the system gets more complex, the ease of use for navigating the system and finding documents shouldn’t decrease. 

Rubex by eFileCabinet is a fully scalable system that makes it simple to grow the system with your organization.

Templates – Expand Your System Effortlessly

Expanding your filing system is more than just adding additional storage. In order to effectively scale the system with the many folders and files that will eventually be added, you need a shortcut for quickly cloning the work you’ve already put into your filing system. 

Folder templates allow you to quickly expand your system by not only allowing you to pre-design your preferred folder structures, but also set certain preferences such as role-based permissions. You can apply several different settings for templates that will go into effect every time you create a new folder with your template.

More preferences you can attach to your templates include automation rules, which you can use to your advantage to expand your workflows to these new folders and files that go in and out of them. Retention rules can also be carried over, so you can rest assured that for every big system expansion, you’ll still be adhering to compliance standards.

Most important is that you don’t have to keep repeating work, even if you make big changes to your filing system to cope with rapid growth. All you need to do is edit the template itself, and the changes will sync with all your folders using the template.

Better Searching, Better Access

No matter how large or how complex your filing system gets, you should still have the same level of access you’ve always had. As mentioned before, permission settings can be carried over as you grow, so you don’t have to individually set them as go. Access to the system itself should also remain the same, and it accomplishes this by having a secure interface where you can easily find whatever you’re looking for.

As your constituency grows and more documents are coming into the agency, you may feel like it’s best to dissect and insulate sections of the system as much as you can for the sake of not getting lost in the system. However, this can in fact make the system more complex and make it much more time consuming to find things.

This is where full-text OCR searching makes things significantly less complicated. This feature allows you to search for documents using any text contained within the document, even if that document is an image file like a PDF. Most search functions only allow you to search for file names or a handful of other identifiers, and these search programs will either get you no results, or too many results. 

Full-text search can be even more refined by using it to search in containers to further narrow your results. Rubex by eFileCabinet was created with the goal of never losing a file ever again, no matter how large and complex a filing system gets.

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