9 Reasons Paper Is Bad News’ Favorite Medium [Slideshow]

People aren’t the bearers of bad news: paper is. This truth becomes more and more salient as organizations reap the benefits of paperless software, further highlighting the acuteness of paper-based pain delivered in the form of breakup letters, letters of rejection from universities, eviction notices, and more. Taking your organization to the paperless level can help you forget the following examples of paper-based bad news you may have encountered at some point in your otherwise fruitful life.



9. Newspapers

Disaster occurs suddenly, but improvement takes time. For this reason, “breaking news” is oftentimes rife with negative information: Reporters won’t have much to report on in terms of community improvement as positive events occur much more slowly, and, consequently, in a less newsworthy fashion. Although newspapers have noble intentions and keeps the public informed, a lot of them are predominately negative, and therefore, frequently the bearers of bad news.

bank statement

8. Bank Statements

A large portion of the 99% (as opposed to the 1% who watched Occupy protesters from their office buildings) would like more purchasing power than their bank statements tell them they have. And in spite of the operational costs commercial banks face in delivering paper statements to their customers, most continue to rely on paper-based snail mail to update them.


7. Court Orders

Subpoenas, writs, and other court orders as they are handed down by the law are frequently delivered to their addressees in paper form. Although the legal profession relies on tradition in law and the administration of law, it’d be worth the establishment’s time to further consider adopting paperless law firms en masse to stay up-to-date with technological innovation. After all, taking a court order to the recycling bin is just another burden placed upon the shoulders of the message’s recipient. So, court orders are still necessary to the practice of law, but delivering them via paper is no longer warranted.

lottery ticket

6. Losing Lottery Tickets

Yes, sometimes lottery tickets have winning numbers, but hundreds of millions of people have received losing lottery tickets whereas only a select few have cashed in—making lottery tickets, which most commonly occur on paper, a commonplace bearer of bad news.

child sneezing

5. Kleenex Tissues

Kleenex has become widespread and successful enough to be genericized as a certain type of product in and of itself. However, Kleenex tissues are comprised by a variety of paper-based products, so it’s only fitting that you need one when you’re either really sick or really sad.


4. Rejection Letters from Universities

Whether for legitimate or unfair reasons, many who’ve ever applied to and got in to college have been rejected from another—and this rejection most likely came in an indelibly awful paper format. The Admissions Officers may as well start signing off on rejection letters with the following P.S. to add insult to injury: To make matters worse, we had to cut down a tree to inform you of this rejection.

breakup letter

3. Breakup Letters

For matters of the heart, paper can be devastating. Yes, love letters occupy a special place in the lore of romance, but the pleasure of gain is 10 times less impactful than the pain of loss felt in a breakup letter—a concept psychologists have identified as ‘loss aversion.’ And transcribing this loss to paper only adds insult to injury for the letter’s recipient. What soon follows for many is a pyre of previous love letters from the departed being set to flame—or of course—lying in bed and inwardly pining for future breakup letters to be delivered in a format that doesn’t contribute to global deforestation.

eviction notice

2. Eviction Notices

What’s worse, these paper based notes are seldom delivered in an envelope and are instead frequently taped to the door of the offender for all the neighbors and passerby to see. This degree of ignominy further solidifies paper as the medium of choice for bad news—and, therefore, a bane to almost all that is positive, productive, cost-efficient and uplifting.

lots of papers

1. 99% of the Paper in Your Office

Some paper documents must be retained as they are for legal reasons, but even if the paper in your office is not delivering bad news via the paper medium in and of itself, it’s still bad news for your organization: hefty operational costs, labor inefficiency, lost documents, and slow document turnaround times are only a few of the culprits to your organization’s bottom line insomuch as the company continues to rely on paper.

good news sign


Enough of the bad news for which we’ve come to know paper responsible: Paperless software options like Enterprise Content Management and Document Management Software are the best good news since the invention of the internet. Click here to find out why!

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