These days “going green,” being “paperless,” and taking everything into the digital world are common occurrences, but it is also fodder for a lot of jokes, cartoons, and mock-umentaries. Here are seven (hilarious) jokes about electronic filing system software:

Are you paperless? Many businesses spend too much time in having their staff tied up managing paper in their offices. Electronic filing system software can help manage, organize, and sore documents, reducing dependence on paper.

Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
I don’t know, my file name was changed.

One great perk of an electronic filing system software program is it can help with not just setting up good naming conventions to make documents easier to find and keep track of, but it can also search for specific terms or subjects. That way if a name is changed, the document can still be found.

Why did the businessman cross the road?
To get to a file at a colleague’s office.

Having to go to a physical office or computer and having to meet up with clients or departments to access a file is a waste of time, energy, and company resources. Electronic filing system software can provide remote access to files, making them accessible whether you are working in the office, or at home, or out on the road somewhere.

Paper is needed sometimes, but for business, going paperless is a great idea.

What do you call a business without electronic filing system software?

You can maximize your office productivity by taking advantage of both cloud and desktop solutions. eFileCabinet is a leader in electronic document management helping you to become an efficient paperless office. Your account is accessed via Web browser, so no server is needed. We even back up your files for you.

What’s green, and safe, and accessed all over?
eFileCabinet’s electronic filing system software.

eFileCabinet offers 4 different paperless office software products, as well as custom consulting and training. With affordable solutions for any budget and a system that is fully compliant with all FINRA, HIPAA, SEC and NASD regulations, you can go green, get organized, and implement a paperless office in no time.

We offer support and training via webinars so you don’t have to add more paper to your “paperless” office.