The 7 Biggest Data Breaches So Far in 2016

Breaches in data security happen more often than you may realize. In fact, as of April 5, there have been a total of 227 data security breaches in 2016. The total reported records compromised come out to 6.2 million—and those are just the ones we know about. Many more companies who reported breaches were unsure just how many records were compromised, so the total is likely much higher. Here are the 7 biggest breaches we’ve seen so far this year, based on reported number of records compromised.

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7. Internal Revenue Service

Though the lowest on our list of big breaches, the IRS’s data security breach is one that can have large and far-reaching consequences. The data they handle can make American citizens susceptible to identity theft, which is a hole that can take years for an individual to climb out of. The IRS actually experienced 2 security breaches this year, with a total of 101,000 tax records compromised.


6. Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU is an online educational institution, offering students flexibility to pursue higher education. However, they may want to consider higher security features for protecting their students’ data. Earlier this year, they reported a data breach that compromised 140,000 students’ records.


5. Premier Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry that is highly targeted by hackers. This makes it even more important for those who operate within this industry to take extra precautions regarding their data security. Premier Healthcare, a nationwide provider, had 205,748 patient records compromised by a breach earlier this year.


4. Bailey’s, Inc.

Bailey’s is an online supply store offering a variety of outdoor gear, including chainsaws, sawmills, and work clothing. The California-based company reported a data breach that compromised 250,000 of their customers’ records, which included payment information. It has not yet been reported whether or not any of this financial information has since been misused by the hackers.


3. Centene

Centene is another large healthcare provider that was targeted earlier this year. However, they saw many more patient records compromised—950,000 records, to be exact.


2. Verizon

Verizon is one of the largest cell phone service providers in the nation, and they experienced one of the largest data security breaches so far this year. The company reported earlier that a breach in their security system led to 1.5 million customer records being compromised. Exactly what information may have been taken from those accessed files is unknown.


1. 21st Century Oncology

At the top of the list is yet another healthcare provider, 21st Century Oncology. They had the largest data breach so far this year, with 2.2 million of their patients’ records being compromised by the hackers. This brings to light the incredible importance of having property security measures in place and, in the case of healthcare workers, complying with all HIPAA standards at all times.

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