Why use software to manage records when you can use eFileCabinet’s software to break world records?

When most of us are at work, we lack the inspiration to remember we’re capable of amazing feats; incredible displays of talent and ingenuity that nobody has accomplished before.

But eFileCabinet can change that.

Our document management solutions give you the convenience, freedom and productivity to break the following world records in your office, provided you are up for the challenge!

The World’s Fastest Office

This may be one of the most admirable and creative world records you can break at the office.

The fastest office in the world is an office devised for the road, which can travel at a maximum speed of nearly 90 miles per hour. It was built and driven by a British man named Edd China, who broke the World’s Fastest Office record while traveling across the Westminster Bridge in London on November 9 2006.

Our only qualm with this record (and the very reason it’s overdue to be broken)  is the fact it doesn’t use productivity as a measure of “fast,” but rather defines speed in miles per hour as the determining factor in who gets to hold the world record for the world’s fastest office.

Farthest Distance to Push a Person Seated in An Office Chair

It’d be difficult to beat this world record in any office without removing all the file cabinets that get in the way first.

It logically follows that the more open space you have, the more room you have freed up to roll your office chair into the annals of world-record-breaking glory, just as Olivet Coaches did.

What’s the quickest way to do this? Just clear the filing cabinets from your office and store all the paper in a document management solution.

After all, with eFileCabinet, Deanna Hancock was able to dislodge 60% of her storage space held by paper. And Alexis Benne was able to remove 60 four-drawer filing cabinets from her office. If that doesn’t provide ample room for the perfect runway to break this world record, we don’t know what does.

When it comes to world records you can break at the office, this one would probably be the most fun to accomplish.

Fastest Time to Type the Alphabet

Khursheed Mohd of India holds the current record at 3.43 seconds for typing the alphabet. However, the question remains: Did he type the English alphabet in 3.43 seconds, or one of the alphabets of India’s native languages, such as Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, or Urdu?

Depending on the length of these language’s alphabet equivalents, the feat becomes proportionally impressive. But no matter how you dice it, this is an accomplishment worth remembering.

Practice makes perfect, so it would follow that the more typing one has to do, the more proficient he or she will become in typing quickly. However, arthritis is becoming increasingly prevalent, and as the condition affects more people, quick typing speeds will be harder to come by.

With Zonal OCR, an automated document routing and classification feature in eFileCabinet’s product suite, workers can keep their fingers rested and healthy enough to make an attempt at breaking this world record a worthwhile endeavor.

Most Sticky Notes Placed on Head in One Minute

That’s right. Someone placed 58 sticky notes on their head within the span of 60 seconds. That’s roughly a sticky note per second. Not too shabby if you’re okay with peeling all the sticky goo off your face; but what’s the discomfort of goo to the eternal glory of being the person who proudly placed that 59th sticky note on his or her face?

Okay, realistically, it’s a big price to pay. But quite impressive if you can look past the sheer ridiculousness of the idea. Also, if you secretly feel like breaking this world record and succeed in doing so, you can simply introduce yourself as a world record holder, and change the subject of the conversation as soon as someone asks what world record you hold!

But if you ever wanted to attain the goal, you’d need to have an office software that made paper (including sticky notes) and the to do lists on them obsolete, and there’s no quicker way to do this than through a cloud based document management system.

Right after implementation of the solution and the capture process that enables it, you’ll be able to put those sticky notes to their most effective use, which is to waste them. Just look at eFileCabinet user David Soto; he was able to reduce office supply costs by 35%. And the bulk of these supply cuts were probably made at the sticky note level.

If you’re searching for some comic relief during a stressful day, this may be your best bet in finding a world record you can break at the office.

Most Coins Stacked in 30 Seconds

Speed, nimbleness, and dexterity with the hands are one thing when it comes to setting this record. Finding the cash to do it is a whole other endeavor.

Although the current record for this feat is 51 pennies, it’s not hard to see how the time limit can be erased to stack a greater number of pennies over a longer duration of time. Problem is, most small businesses run on such a tight budget that they don’t have any change to spare.

With the productivity and efficiency eFileCabinet provides its users, stacking coins in to the shape of a tower in hopes of breaking a world record isn’t just a pipe dream, because you’ll have the spare time and spare change to stake claim as the person who breaks this record.

Just look at Gloria Hill: an eFileCabinet user who saves over $1,000 each year in commercial real estate costs with our document management solution.

Whoever said it’s impossible to have fun and challenge the status quo at work has never experienced the power of a true document management solution like eFileCabinet’s. If you’re ready to work remarkably and break some office world records, contact us today!