5 Ways to Get out of a Speeding Ticket on Your Way to Work

At eFileCabinet, we’re all about workplace efficiency, so we wholeheartedly support temporarily speeding to get to the office. Including all the devious ways to get out of speeding tickets that we’re about to show you.

You know the routine. The alarm sounds. You make it snooze for 10 minutes, then try to compensate for sleeping in by speeding to the office in a frenzy. Everything is going smoothly and you’re on pace to make it to your desk on time.

Until Five-O Joe pulls you over and stops you in your tracks.

Here are five unique ways to make sure you can get to work on time without putting a dent in your wallet.

5. Breaking the Speedometer Hand Behind the Steering Wheel

If you were really, really speeding in a school or construction zone, this is a safe bet to get out of the ticket. Those dinky gauge hands behind the steering wheel wouldn’t cost you more than $150 to repair. And a hefty speeding fine in a construction or school zone can easily amount to more than $500.

So, when the cop approaches your car, simply say “Sorry, I literally lost track of my speed, officer,” and point directly to where you just ripped the MPH measuring hand off the speedometer gauge. Do note, however, that you’ll want to make sure there isn’t any glass barrier between the speedometer and your hand first.

4. Wave to the Cop Once He’s Caught You Red-handed

Nothing is as indemnifying as sheer childlike ignorance.

After all, people have been reprieved of crimes for not knowing the law in the area in which they violated it. And nothing says ignorance of the speed limit you’re violating like deliberately waving to the man who is paid a salary to put criminals and careening cars in check.

If you wave to the cop once you know there’s no way you can avoid his radar gun registering your exorbitant speed, he may let you off the hook and figure you have bigger problems on your hand (like learning common sense).

Do note, however, that you should put your hand out the window before waving so he can clearly interpret the gesture as non-offensive. It’d be bad if he misconstrued what your gesture meant due to the glare of a driver seat window.

And, in the rare event the officer doesn’t buy the wave as genuine, you can smugly tell him you sped up to reach him because you were just “oh so excited to see him.”

3. Blame Unintended Acceleration

There have been numerous cases of recalls for cars with unintended acceleration problems. The real problem, however, is because there are people out there who actually have gotten the brake and acceleration pedals confused. This is more understandable if you drive a car with a manual transmission, so using that as an excuse for speeding could work if you:

A) Have a manual transmission

B) The cop hasn’t seen you speeding for more than a few seconds (Just long enough to make the radar gun register your speed).

If you try to play the unintended acceleration card while speeding for too long, then the cop will know it’s probably a fib; nobody with a driver’s license can logically confuse their gas and brake pedals for more than ten seconds.

2. Politely Request a Warning Instead of an Actual Ticket

Sincerity can sooth the hardest of hearts. Simply explain you learned your lesson and politely request a warning instead of a ticket.

After all, the guy (or gal) in that police uniform is a person too, and they’ve probably sped through a few construction zones in their heyday before earning their stripes in doughnut eating and traffic ticket administering.

Level with him or her, and simply point out that you’re employed and want to make a good impression by showing up on time to the office despite the gauntlet your alarm clock throws at your feet each weekday.

However, he or she may just tell you to wake up earlier to avoid having to speed. But nobody got time for that.

If you want to continue snoozing in the a.m. without having to speed on your way to work or coming up with devious ways to circumvent speeding tickets, you’ll have to learn how to be more efficient when you’re at the office to stay in good graces with your boss.

1. Become More Efficient at the Office with eFileCabinet Document Management Software

Nobody wants employees coming in to the office in a bad mood after having gotten a ticket (especially if it’s someone with power who takes his or her daily frustrations out on everyone who reports to them).

Therefore, becoming more efficient at the office means more hours of sleep in the morning, and fewer speeding tickets to boot for all employees at your company, improving employee wellbeing.

People get speeding tickets, and people work for companies who thrive off their positivity and efficiency. And that’s why the first step to building a better organization begins with eFileCabinet.