Digital file cabinets are superior to physical cabinets in just about every way imaginable. I guess if you really love interior design and you just love the aesthetic appeal of a grey cabinet in your office, then you might prefer physical file cabinets. However, in terms of utility, you can’t beat a digital file cabinet. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch to digital, or at least use digital as backup:

1. Digital file cabinets are less expensive—

Think about the costs associated with getting a physical file cabinet. First, you have to pay for the cabinet itself. Next, you have to pay for a lot of the paper you sort into the cabinet. Also, you need to factor the price of the real estate space your cabinet takes up that could be used for something else, like that mini fridge you really want to keep your lunch cold. Finally, there’s the time that you lose by having to search through documents one at a time. That can be the greatest cost of all.

2. Digital files are more mainstream—

This isn’t just about a popularity contest. This is about being able to use data in a way that’s compatible with everybody, from coworkers to family. You want to make sure that your information can be easily shared with others, whether you’re sharing photos or working on a group presentation. If you delay the switch too long, you can miss out on sharing and preserving valuable information.

3. Digital filing frees up your time—

The search functions that come with online document management are invaluable. If you are in HR and you are trying to find a legal document, do you really want to thumb through thousands of pages, getting paper cuts along the way, then risk the possibility of overlooking one of the documents as you are filing through? That can be incredibly frustrating. If you’re using online document management, you can simply look up a given keyword and you’ll find it within a few seconds.

4. Digital file cabinets are more secure—

We understand that due to concerns over cyber security, some people are worried about keeping their data safe online. That’s a valid concern, but if you take precautions like using a firewall and secured networks, your data can actually be a lot more secure than in a physical file cabinet. For one thing, it is usually a lot easier to recover your hacked information online than if somebody physically steals it from a file cabinet. Also, you don’t have to worry about fires, earthquakes, or other natural disasters destroying your data.

5. Digital file cabinets are more mobile—

Accessibility is more important than ever as businesses conduct their work in a global setting. Giving your coworkers access to work on joint projects online is oftentimes a necessity. If important documents reside only near a cubicle while a worker is halfway across the world, they cannot be nearly as productive. Nowadays, employees can access documents online across multiple devices—tablets, cellphones, laptops, etc. By providing your employees more access to the information they need, they will be more productive as well.

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