If there’s such a thing as a document management software unexpected benefit, it belongs to eFileCabinet’s suite of vendor offerings.

Document Management Software Unexpected Benefit #1: Decreased Risk of Corporate Identity Theft.

When documents are securely stored digitally, businesses and organizations can ensure sensitive information is only viewed by authorized personnel.

According to the latest available statistics, corporate identity theft amounts to about $48 billion dollars a year in the United States alone, and that amount has been steadily increasing over the past decade.

This is an especially important benefit because corporate identity theft is on the rise.

Document Management Software Unexpected Benefit #2: Be in Many Places at Once.

With eFileCabinet, businesses can access the same document from anywhere in the world.

No more rifling through a cabinet, copying, faxing, or mailing documents, and then re-filing the originals. eFileCabinet makes sharing files easy and seamless. Removing a document from the file cabinet increases the risk of it being lost.

Sharing it through eFileCabinet keeps the document safe and extremely portable.

Document Management Software Unexpected Benefit #3 Moving Is So Much Easier.

With the many changes we see in the economy, businesses are growing and shrinking at fast paces, often resulting in a move to a smaller or larger location.

Moving thousands of pounds of documents is not only hard to do, but it also increases the risk of lost or stolen documents. The time spent re-organizing or re-filing after a move can be very costly to a business and its customers. eFileCabinet allows businesses to move without moving a single file box!

Document Management Software Unexpected Benefit #4: Environmental Friendliness.

It is estimated that businesses photocopy a document 19 times in its lifetime. One standard 4-drawer filing cabinet can hold on average 10,000 pieces of paper.

If you kept every copy of every one of those initial 10,000 documents, a business would need 19 file cabinets just to store the copies.

Keep in mind, this does not account for any new documents being created or added and it is estimated that the amount of new paper documents increases by 25% each year and doubles every 3 – 4 years.

That’s a lot of space and a lot of trees. When a document is digital, it never has to be recopied.

Document Management Software Benefit # 5: Save Time, Money and Energy.

The average company spends $20 in labor costs filing each paper document, makes 19 trips to the copy machine to copy the original, and loses one out of every 20 documents.

A lost document takes on average 25 hours to recreate! By storing all documents in an organized, secure database, the costs associated with document retrieval, sharing, and loss can be eliminated.

Yet another reason why eFileCabinet document management software solves common office problems.

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