Scaling with document management is always smooth sailing with eFileCabinet

The best problem a business can have is that it can’t keep up with the constant need to scale, but with document management implemented from the start, scaling becomes a breeze. As a business grows, so does the information within it. Paper documents and digital data can grow exponentially, choking your business processes and slowing your scaling—often when scaling is most vital. By implementing a document management solution early, documents remain organized, accessible, and compliant, no matter if you have three employees, or three hundred. Custom workflows can send data through your organization effortlessly, automating everything from the approval process to file structure storage, eliminating the demands data may put on your business growth.

Automated File Structure

Naming conventions and proper file structure is key to making sure that your information is always available. The more hands added to your company, and the more opportunities for different naming conventions, miscommunication, or human error, can send a vital document into the abyss—never to be found again. Thankfully, document management eliminates these concerns and automates the process effortlessly and error-free, automatically detecting and naming documents and then depositing them in a dynamically-built file structure that stays streamlined and consistent across your organization.

Custom Workflow

Workflow with eFileCabinet is a lot of power on a simple dashboard. Effectively building custom workflows means that many day-to-day processes can be fully automated. And, with reporting and visualizations, you can see how data moves through your organization, so you can break bottlenecks before they become a problem. Infinitely customizable, use tools like approvals, time limits, profile routing, and more to operate with the speed and efficiency of an enterprise business, no matter your size.

Dynamic Searching

The immediate benefit of any document management solution is time saved. By removing the burden of paper pileups and rows of file cabinets, you also save the time that used to be spent endlessly, and often unsuccessfully, searching through them. Now, with your data secured in the cloud, you can find any document immediately and effortlessly. And, with optical character recognition, you can even search for on-page keywords from physical documents.

Accessible Cloud Storage

Available on your desktop, and on your mobile device, all of your data is always at your fingertips. Free from disasters—both natural and manmade—your data is safe, secure, and always on. No matter the size of your team, availability scales effortlessly, where everyone has access to the data they need.

Compliance and Governance

Not only do you have the support of knowing all of your data is safe and secure, with intelligent audit trails built-in, but also the added benefit of sharing only what’s needed to end audit overreach—all with the click of a button. Know that you’re covered, and compliance is covered as you scale, means you can worry less about your data, and focus more on growing your business.

When you can successfully build a business based on a solid foundation that’s compliant, organized, automated, and accessible, you have a business that’s not just ready to scale, it’s already on its way. See what eFileCabinet can do for your growing business.

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