For new and existing businesses, utilizing an electronic document management system provides numerous benefits that will boost your bottom line. Whether you are just starting to keep records or have been in business for years, using a paperless document system can help you get and stay organized, secure, compliant, and efficient. If you already have an established business, the conversion to a paperless office will be a huge step in moving your business forward to the next level of productivity and document security. Going paperless offers too many benefits to ignore.


Easily Secure Documents

Using an electronic document management system allows you to keep your documents confidential and private. When kept under password-protected programs, your documents pertaining to client information, finances, taxes, and proprietary information are safe and secure. Unlike paper files that can be easily removed, copied, or lost, electronic files offer a secure storage system that you have control over. Create different levels of security so some files are accessible to employees while others are available only to approved personnel.


Get Files Anywhere

With a paperless office, you have more options when you need to send, save, transfer, and share documents. With electronic filing, files can be shared through emails, faxes, Cloud storage systems, and networks. You can access and send files from nearly any device, making it both quick and convenient. With an electronic document management system, you can work anytime and anywhere.


Comply With Regulations

An electronic document system provides an easy way to stay in compliance with your business’s regulatory guidelines. Whether you run a medical practice and need to prove compliance with HIPPA laws, run a high risk business that has strict OSHA guidelines and regulations that must be documented, keep extensive tax and IRS files, or run a salon or barbershop regulated by your State Licensing Board, a paperless office allows you to keep track of all your necessary documents. You can easily show documentation and licenses at a moment’s notice to prove you are in compliance during audits or inspections.


Save Time and Money

By making documents accessible through a paperless office you ensure that tasks that once took valuable time become instant. Flipping through old files, binders, and folders to find needed documentation is an inefficient use of time and money. Instantly accessing files through an electronic system dramatically decreases the time it takes to pull information any time it is needed.


Reclaim Your Space

Files and papers take up valuable office space and can become overwhelming. An electronic system negates the need for filing cabinets and boxed storage. This allows you to take back your space and create a less cluttered, neater work environment. Not only does this make the workplace a more comfortable space, it also improves efficiency and productivity.

Electronic document storage systems offer benefits that will help you manage your business, increase efficiency and security, and keep things in the office running smoothly. Talk to your IT team today about converting and see how easy and safe a paperless office and electronic document management system can be.