Document management software rekindles the American Dream, and it’s one of the few technologies that can make such a claim.

Even in pursuit of the American Dream, we can’t be great at work every day—but through document management software, we can do small things in a great way every day.

These small things exist at the threshold of the American Dream as you’ve conceived it—somewhere past that paper-dependent dungeon which many un-affectionately refer to as their ‘office.’

Keep reading to find out how as a technology built for the enterprise, document management software can rekindle the flame of what many perceive to be an American Dream on the brink of extinction.

Document Management Software Rekindles the American Dream by Personalizing Your Professional Dream

The Washington Post published an article last year regarding a peculiar phenomenon—one describing why technology has shattered the American Dream,

putting workers out of work (technology replacing their labor) and forming an inability among the masses to materialize their passions into their own renditions of the American Dream. But we needn’t let this assertion run unchecked.

Yes, the American Dream is incomplete without any individual’s ability to create his or her own ideal professional landscape—but technology does not quell this ability, it enables it. If document management software rekindles the American Dream, you can use it to partake in the rekindling of that dream.

Although to many the American Dream is better actualized through ‘consumer’ technologies like wear-ables and mobile apps, enabling us to more freely interact with our surroundings and the opportunities they present, document management software blurs the line between the world of enterprise and consumer tech, enabling the American Dream to be personalized both inside the office and out.

Essentially, document management software eliminates physical space as the barrier between work and the life outside of work, putting everything you need to access in the cloud and even in a mobile app if desired.

Document Management Software Lets You ‘Aim for the Chopping Block’ in Every Organizational Process

We can’t experience the lavish life the American Dream advocates unless we have the time to do so, and when paper-dependent organizations are caught in the muck and mire of inefficiencies comprising these processes, time is dawdled away as if it were a bad habit.

However, document management software makes it easier to aim for (and actually hit) the chopping block—eliminating the need to walk to the printer, fax machine, and physical filing cabinets, helping workers get things done quicker so they can be more at work and in life; yet another reason why document management software rekindles the American Dream.

With Document Management Software Productivity Becomes the Very Air You Breathe

Time is the most versatile of all gifts we are given at birth. But as time unfolds, our options narrow, so being productive and using time wisely both at work and in the home is of the utmost importance.

When Edward Young famously quipped that procrastination was the thief of time, he was wrong. Procrastination isn’t the thief of time, paper in the workplace is.

And contrary to popular opinion, the American Dream isn’t about laying by the pool all day, it’s about getting stuff done. When more productive, we are happier at work, have the potential to earn more, and spend more time with our families—families being one of the sole incentive for the creation and attainment of the American Dream.

What’s more, your boss will be more amenable to giving you a raise given the impact of the reduced operating costs manifested on the balance sheet’s bottom line.

Document Management Software Equalizes the Playing Field

Although inequality has climbed in America and throughout the globe for decades, as enterprise innovations like document management software become more accessible in price and through user understanding, smaller enterprises and their workers alike will be able to further level the competitive playing fields between them and their larger competitors.

In fact, many have already forecasted that enterprise technology will serve as an equalizer in the competitive landscape, and some of this forecast has already been manifested.

The Pareto Principal (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity) states that roughly 80% of any market effect comes from 20% of the cause (80% of the wealth going to 20% of the players in a particular market, for instance).

This principle is to the world of management consulting/economics what the Fibonacci sequence is to intelligent design. Without enterprise tech like document management software, the effects of the Pareto Principle will only be widened, keeping organizations with the most resources (as opposed to the organizations with the smartest use of resources) in power.

Document Management Software Rekindles the American Dream through Professional Development

Yeah, right you’re thinking. Human resources facilitates professional development—education facilitates professional development—not software. But if the software makes you more efficient at your job and frees up time to learn and garner new skills as a professional, then it can and does facilitate professional development.

Yes, there will be the occasional employee who dawdles away this time, but for those who truly desire to improve their skill set in their line of work, the time document management software saves them is extremely valuable.

As desirous as we all are of success, freedom, and liberty, it only makes sense that we opt in to rely on solutions that will help us reach our goals over the long-term. Doing what we can for our businesses to succeed is about so much more than just making a lot of money; it’s about obtaining the goals and dreams upon which are country was founded. Are you ready to make a difference for your country?