Office fails are inevitable. When you spend 40 hours per week in the environment, it’s just bound to happen.

As the undisputed document management vendor for SMBs in the entire world (according to the self-proclaimed most authoritative source in the world, me), eFileCabinet’s decided it’s time to take a 24-hour break from document management software and focus on the greatest office fails of all time.

Things got slightly more serious (but still goofy) when I realized almost all the worst office fails of all time involved paper documents—those horrible, productivity/soul-crushing information mediums that are as useful in 2017 as folded maps—which are still made of paper…case in point.

Without further ado, here are the biggest office fails of all time. Can you make it through without cringing?

Shark Tank Sticky Note Venture – The Office Fail of all Office Fails

Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest jobs in the world when you have a great idea. When you have a terrible idea, such as a device for folding sticky notes into computers, it becomes infinitely more difficult. In fact, it went down as one of the biggest fails in Shark Tank history.

The lesson to be learned here? Don’t rely on paper-based business practices to forge innovation. Otherwise, you’ll be a minnow in eFileCabinet’s Shark Tank and your days will be numbered, especially because of our powerful document routing automation feature, Zonal OCR.

The Jump to Conclusions Mat from Office Space

Office Space is a comedic masterpiece. But if taken out of context and applied to the real world, we can see how bogus ideas we laughed at in 1999 are akin to those we take seriously today; all we need to do is turn on the radio.

What’s so brilliant about the Jump to Conclusions Mat? Well, it’s a material manifestation of a ridiculous idiom. But that’s not even close to the best part: The most incredible thing is that the only way you can lose the game is if you don’t know how to read. With so many people becoming dumber each day because of social media, it’ll soon be possible to hustle just about anyone out of their money in a game of “Jump to Conclusions.”

What Ever Happened to Social Darwinism?

When you set aside the fact these instructions will continue making people run in to each other, this sign isn’t all that stupid.

Except there’s also the fact we’re chopping down trees to tell people to stop running in to each other in a way that will make people, well, continue to run in to each other. What’s worse, if people aren’t obeying this rule in the stairwell, just imagine how they may misconstrue it while driving on the freeway. Maybe those oversized medians do serve a purpose.

A Mail Truck Incident to End Them All

If you haven’t already read this post of ours about the above image, you should because it’s awesome. Although this isn’t an office fail per se, it happened in our beloved web developer’s backyard, and since he does contract work from home, his backyard is the equivalent of an office break room.

Additionally, we’d like to stress that the post office is still the greatest deal around despite the incident above, because they’ll carry your letters around for weeks for only 33 cents.