4 Ways Document Management Software Could Save Your Life

We’ve been making some pretty bold statements lately about the benefits of using online document management. We’ve claimed, and proven, that it can help your golf game and make you a better all-around person. The next claim, however, might top them all. Online document management can save your life. How, you ask?

Here’s 4 ways for starters:

1. Tonight’s the premier of the long-anticipated film, Man of Steel. For those of you who have been living in a cave, it tells the story of Superman, who goes by Clark Kent as an alter ego. We are all familiar with the basic story of Superman and how he gained his superpowers to fight villains. However, we often overlook the fact that he worked a 9-5 job like many of us. He worked at the Daily Planet, one of the biggest news agencies in the city of Metropolis. If he were too busy trying to organize physical files, he wouldn’t have much time to save the world, would he? Thank goodness he uses document management software.

2. The Mafia has a reputation of attacking its victims at the most unexpected moments. If they were to accuse you of manipulating finances or trying to short change them on something, you could avoid a world of hurt if you had files on the Cloud that documented your expenditures. You never want to get the point where they make an offer you can’t refuse.

3. If you had a lawsuit filed against you where you were facing life in prison for fraud or tax issues, you’ll want as much information for your defense as possible. Document management software can become your best friend if you’ve been responsible. You can keep every transaction from your entire life online nowadays, so you might as well stay on the safe side.

4. Let’s say you’re on vacation in a country that used to have a bad relationship with America, like Russia. Everybody knows that there’s still a degree of mistrust, although it’s much better than it was 40 years ago. However, let’s say you were to be accused of being a spy, when you were really just visiting on vacation to see some historical landmarks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some online files on hand to persuade your captors that you’re just an innocent traveler? I agree.

Okay, we’ll admit these scenarios are a little far-fetched, but you never know! We definitely stick by our claim that online document storage software can help your golf game, and that should be reason enough.

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