4 Ways DMS Saves You—So You Can Save Others

4 Ways DMS Saves You
So You Can Save Others

In an earlier article we talked about how document management software (DMS) helps medical and healthcare facilities increase operational efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance. DMS does this by digitally storing documents, organizing them into structured folders, and protecting them in a secure environment in the Cloud.

But what does that mean for you? How does document management software help you shorten the time you spend on monotonous tasks so you can get to the important ones? Here is a list of ways DMS can help you so you can spend more time helping those in need.

1. Easily Applicable

Not only will DMS help you in your position, it is a solution that applies to every department in your healthcare facility. Think of it, software that applies to Admissions, Charting, Registration, Payroll, Pharmacy, Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, and everything else.

What’s more, eFileCabinet has integrated its system with certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) systems. This integration helps to cut down on the time it takes to complete paper processes and it also helps your healthcare facility to meet the HIPAA regulation requirements.

2. Saves Time

Don’t waste time learning complicated software while the patient in room 127 flatlines. We make document management software easy to use so you can spend your time focusing on more important matters.

How does DMS save you time? It cuts down on your time spent filing and retrieving paperwork, seeking after and receiving important signatures, searching through and sorting patient files according to specific categories, and so much more.

Deanna HancockDeanna Hancock, owner of DMH Contract Nursing Services, says, “I can actually do six client visits and turn around my paperwork in about 24 to 48 hours, whereas before, I was struggling 2 weeks later.”

This doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

3. Solves the Paper Problem

Free yourself from the monster living in your filing cabinet! You don’t have to interact with that daunting mess anymore. The mountain of papercuts waiting to happen likely infringes on many health and safety standards, so avoid this biohazard!

eFileCabinet lets you scan and store every paper document you can think of, including but not limited to: lab reports, prescriptions, orders, intake forms, insurance information, meeting minutes, written diagnoses, and doctor’s notes. Get it all stored online so you can get rid of the paper nightmare lurking in your office.

4. Eases Tension

Caring for the sick and frail is enough of a stress load. There is no need adding to your stress with frustrating paperwork.

4 Ways DMS Saved Therese Lentz at Healthstrides

healthStrides-logoTherese Lentz of Healthstrides ran into the same issues that so many other healthcare professionals face:

“Due to all the laws and regulations regarding ‘protected information,’ we were being overrun with paperwork and physical storage space was becoming a real issue. Also, new laws require a more secure and paperless method of keeping PI documents so we needed to look for options that meet requirements of industry. Being a small business, our resources are much more limited than the larger healthcare providers and many of the options were too far out of our price range to be viable.”

Sound familiar? Now take a look at how eFileCabinet was able to lighten Therese’s load so she could spend more time on what really matters.

1. Easily Applicable

Compliance is everything nowadays, and rightly so. Of course you want your documents and files to be safe and secure. Because eFileCabinet spends so much time focusing on these procedures, you don’t have to.

“Since eFileCabinet is already in compliance with federal and state guidelines for storing protected information, I did not have to create our own separate procedures for this. The documentation that eFileCabinet provides in terms of compliance was greatly helpful!”

2. Saves Time

No more spending hours in the office having only put a dent in the load of paperwork you have to take care of. Our scanning process is easy and fast, giving you back your much-needed time.

“We are now able to scan our documents into the system in a very timely manner and provide customers with a much more efficient turn-around time for the data summary.”

3. Solves the Paper Problem

We can’t stress this enough. Paper is a fine thing to have, but too much of it because an economical nightmare that never goes away.

But guess what? We make it go away.

“The most fantastic part of eFileCabinet so far is getting rid of all the hard copies of documents and thus clearing out tons of stuff that has taken up so much physical space! We have probably scanned in more than 10,000 pages so you can imagine the physical space all those docs were taking up!”

4. Eases Tension

Now that Therese is worrying less about paperwork, she has time to focus on expanding her business and increasing her client base. That sounds like a worthy way to spend her time.

“I think the biggest economic impact for us will be in maintaining current customers and attracting new customers because we are in total compliance with all new laws and regulations.”

See How DMS Can Save You

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