Schools of all sizes generate massive amounts of paperwork. Whether you work at an Ivy League college or an elementary school in a rural community, staying on top of all the paper can be a daunting challenge.

Most educational institutions likely have some form of a Document Management System in place, but they may be lacking in a few areas. This article will share ways to better manage all of your documents, aiding your school in becoming as efficient as possible.


No More Filing Cabinets

Paperless Document Management Software (DMS) eliminates the need for filing cabinets, which frees up valuable real estate in your school building. Going paperless essentially means that you’ll store digital copies of documents in the Cloud or on a local hard drive, instead of physical paper in bulky filing cabinets.

It might seem daunting to have all of your documents stored digitally, but it’s actually much easier to access, store, and sort your documents when they’re in a digital directory. A Document Management System worth your money will have file-level indexing and full search capabilities. You’ll be able to search for a document by name, or search all your stored documents for one word or phrase. Instead of digging through filing cabinets looking for student transcripts, alumni records, or financial aid forms, a quick search on your computer will bring up exactly what you need.


Access Files Anywhere

When looking at implementing a new Document Management System into your school, you’ll have a lot of different options. Most Document Management Systems these days come with an on-premise storage option, a Cloud storage option, or a hybrid of both. Choosing to go with a Cloud-based storage option will enable you to easily access, view, edit, and send your files from anywhere.

Removing the need to always be tied to your computer in order to manage your files will greatly improve how efficiently your school staff are able to operate.


Safety and Security

Working in the education world requires you to work with a lot of sensitive information. At the college level, you may have access to alumni information, like addresses and phone numbers. Transcripts, grant requests, tax information, and scholarship forms all contain private information as well and need to be kept safely.

A robust Document Management System will protect all of these documents for you with bank-level 256-bit AES encryption. Using these secure features can help you stay in compliance with laws regarding the storage and sharing of files containing sensitive information.

In addition to keeping your documents safe, a worthwhile Document Management System will also provide you with a backup service. In the event of a fire, flood, or earthquake that does damage to your school, your documents will be safely stored and immediately retrievable.

If your school is looking for a way to better manage all of your important documents, a new and full-featured Document Management System is the right choice for you. If you want more information about how DMS can improve your school, feel free to get in touch with the Document Management Experts at eFileCabinet. Call 877-574-5505 or email

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