Being Organized is one of those goals that seems to make it on a lot of New Year’s resolution lists—it’s right up there with Lose Weight. Both may sound daunting at first, but with some smaller, more achievable goals, you’ll cultivate some great habits to help you stay more organized.

Though we may not have a way to help you get the figure you’ve always wanted, eFileCabinet is the go-to solution for getting and staying organized. You could go online and find a long list of twenty or more office organization tips and still feel overwhelmed, or you can find something that does the organization for you.

eFileCabinet is that solution. It will make most of those organization tips obsolete. Here are the only organization tips you’ll need when you have eFileCabinet. It will be easier than pie. (And if you are trying to lose weight, we apologize for the reference to pie. Stay strong!)

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Just about everyone has experienced losing an important document, then spending too much time looking for it, and finally finding it buried beneath a mountain of paperwork. With eFileCabinet, you’ll never experience that frustration. By going paperless, you’ll find things faster and cut out the wasted hours searching for documents. Sure, you’ll have to spend some time scanning those papers in initially, but now you’ll have everything you need right there on your computer.

2. Keep Everything You Need Within Reach

Now that the surface of your desk is actually visible, collect everything you need during a typical business day. Honestly, there probably won’t be much. With eFileCabinet, your documents are always right at your fingertips. When all your files are electronic, the days that you need staplers, pens, and envelopes will be few and far between. You’ll be signing documents electronically and sharing them easily through eFileCabinet. Now the only things left on your desk might be your computer and a few photos of family and friends.

3. Implement A Filing System That Works For You

eFileCabinet has the familiar structure of a physical filing system, where you have folders in drawers, all in their cabinets, but without all the hassle that comes with it. You can file by date, client, or whatever works best for your documents. With eFileCabinet, you’ll never experience having a drawer getting too full, causing you to shuffle and re-label all the subsequent drawers. You’ll have the option of creating an intricate filing system, but even if you don’t, you’ll still be able to find any document with eFileCabinet’s advanced search capabilities.

4. Adopt The One-Touch Strategy

It’s a simple concept: When paper crosses your desk, as it inevitably will from time to time, you only touch it once. Once you’ve reviewed the document, you can decide immediately whether you will trash it, act on it, or file it away. This process will prevent papers from building up on your desk and ensures quicker response times for documents that require action.

The process is even more effective with eFileCabinet. Once you’ve scanned a document and stored it in the system, you can often throw the hard copy away. If you have a scanner at your desk, you might choose to scan and file paper documents immediately.

Another option is to use a specific inbox for items that need to be scanned and then set aside a certain time daily or weekly for scanning and filing. You can even save emails and attachments in eFileCabinet so that you can expand this strategy to your email inbox for maximum organization mastery.

My, What A Clean Desk You Have

Now you are an organization master. When you have a clear workspace, you’ll have a clear mind. You’ll also find that your other goals will start checking themselves off your list. Be more productive? Check. Make more money? Check. Lose weight? Well, we’re not making any promises with this one; but once you’ve conquered this lofty goal, you’ll be ready to take on anything!