In order to run a successful small business, your marketing efforts have to be top notch. Even if your business offers a subscription-based service, your bottom line isn’t necessarily protected unless you’re actively drawing in new customers.

So we put together some tips here that can help you improve your marketing strategy towards new customers.

Be visible.

The first step toward successful marketing is visibility. If you’re not online, on social media, and even active in your community, potential customers won’t know you’re in business.

Plenty of companies will handle your social media marketing for you, and you can get a responsive website that looks great without breaking the bank. These are important investments that will drive more leads and customers through your doors.

Consequently, if you’re online but not seeing the results that you’d like, it’s time to fine-tune your marketing approach. Exploring content, email, and social media marketing are all viable options and worth the time and money you can spend on them.


Narrow your efforts.

Throwing a wide marketing net out on the internet in hopes that you’ll catch a few customers is an outdated strategy. Tools and software exist today that can aid you in marketing toward whatever niche you want. You’ll find that the more targeted and focused your marketing efforts are, the more success you’ll enjoy.

Consider a story found on about Pabst Blue Ribbon, today one of America’s most popular beer brands. Back in 2001, PBR was in trouble. Their sales were declining, and they were being pushed out of the market by MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch. However, the marketing director at PBR discovered a niche in which his company’s drinks were popular—the hispters of Portland, OR. After driving a directed niche marketing campaign towards campus bars and music clubs (among other establishments) sales grew by 5% at PBR in 2002.

Nice marketing works, and it’s worth your time to invest in it.


Don’t skimp on materials.

Your marketing materials play an important part in converting and attracting leads. These are your eBooks, whitepapers, blog posts, webinars, videos, and even social media posts. You want every last bit of content you put out to serve as some kind of conversion tool.

Really good content is crafted, not just simply created. Hire a dedicated marketing content creator, and give them the tools they’ll need to succeed. When you spend more time on creating good content, you’ll see a spike in conversion.


Emphasize your benefits.

The product or service your business offers is valuable. But sometimes, it can be hard to properly communicate that value. That’s because your marketing materials are probably focusing on the features of your products, instead of its benefits.

For example, if you run an SEO company, you probably feature things like advanced analytics, content creation and optimization, lead nurturing, promotion, and technical SEO work. These features are great and show potential customers you’re serious about helping them. But when you instead focus on how new, better content will drive leads, or how advanced analytics can help you define a niche market and send them the correct materials at the right time of day, your company has much more value. You’re connecting with pain points that your potential customers are experiencing, and showing them how your features will help eliminate those pain points.


Don’t wait—start implementing some new marketing tactics today.