graphs on a tabletToday marks the deadline for filing personal tax returns, which means accountants are all busy getting those last-minute returns and extensions finished—and most of them would agree that today also marks the end of the most stressful time of year. But tax season isn’t the only thing that unites accountants. Here are just a few of the things that the accountants we know agree on.


Being Organized Is Key

Organization is one of the most important things in an accounting firm. Juggling so many clients and tax returns at once would be impossible without having some kind of organizational system—and for many CPAs, eFileCabinet is exactly the tax document system they need. Here’s what they had to say about the organizational benefits of eFileCabinet:

  • “It’s much easier to access information because we can organize it much better electronically than in a paper file…. It makes everything feel so much more organized, and I love always feeling organized!” –Carlene Patterson, CEO, Ascension Financial Group, LLC
  • “With eFileCabinet, my office is better organized. I am still in the process of cleaning up the piles and clearing out file cabinets of papers that are being scanned and organized into eFileCabinet, but the difference is already awesome.” –Dennis Bounds, CPA PC


It Comes Down to Numbers

Accountants are all about numbers, but it’s not just your clients’ numbers that you have to worry about. The numbers for your business matter just as much. When the accountants we know crunched the numbers, they found that eFileCabinet was a huge money saver:

  • “I have found that I am saving an average of about 5 hours per week in time I was spending searching for documents…. Saving 5 hours per week may not seem like a lot, but it equates to over $45,000 per year of billable hours!” —Dennis Bounds, CPA PC
  • “This has saved us time, money and SPACE! We have eliminated a 5-drawer and 4-drawer legal size cabinets, freed up space and are down to one drawer for (what I call) vault documents. We are saving approximately $7,440.00 per year and have freed up approximately 24 feet of space. eFileCabinet has made my life easier and that makes me happy!” —Penny Nevarez, Accounting Assistant, Emerge Financial Group
  • We estimate that our paperless office has saved us the equivalent of a part-time employee—we have been very happy with eFileCabinet for the past 10+ years! —Jane Skinner, Johnson & Semken CPAs


Happy Clients Make Life Easier

You’ve got enough on your plate (especially during tax season) without having to deal with upset clients. You probably know that there are a few things that make your clients irritable—having to wait around for answers, worrying about having their taxes done on time, and being told that they’re missing documents. Several CPAs have found that eFileCabinet helps to solve these problems and gives them happier clients:

  • “My clients are happy because they get their answers more quickly and my credibility is greatly improved because the clients feel more secure when I can give quick answers and reproduce documents quickly. I expect this will become more significant as I get more of my data digitized.” —Dennis Bounds, CPA PC
  • Our customers know that we have their documents easily accessible and they rely on our file cabinet more than they do their own.—Jane Skinner, Johnson & Semken CPAs


You Have to Stay Competitive

There are at least 2 things in this life that are constantly changing—technology and tax laws. With these constant changes, you have to adapt in order to stay competitive in the industry. eFileCabinet is exactly the edge you need over your competition, and it will be the key to staying at the forefront of your business in the future. We’re not the only ones who believe that either:

  • “I can say we are thrilled with eFileCabinet and always recommend it to other agents and advisors. I love showing them how easy it is.” –Larry Boyd, Principal Wealth Advisor, Oak Bridge Financial LLC
  • “I really believe this is the most current technology available, and using these tools is what it’s going to take to be successful in our business in the future.” –Carlene Patterson, CEO, Ascension Financial Group, LLC
  • “As technology progressed we found that it would save us time and money to have a paperless office, and with eFileCabinet—we found the perfect tool! We no longer have to file massive amounts of paper, search for that one file within many, or make copies so that we can provide them to our clients. Now with eFileCabinet we simply search, attach, and send! We save time, money and the ever annoying paper cuts!” —Jane Skinner, Johnson & Semken CPAs

We can all agree that it’s great for tax season to be drawing to a close, and accountants agree that eFileCabinet is a vital tool for an accounting firm. If you want to learn more about the things accountants love about eFileCabinet, check out our testimonials page, or see a few more benefits that our all-star clients are experiencing here. Contact one of our business efficiency experts to learn about getting a few of these benefits in your own business during the downtime between now and the extension deadlines.