Any organization’s success comes directly from their hard-working employees. That’s why an outstanding HR team that promotes engagement and happiness among the employees is one of the most fundamental aspects of a successful organization.

Most HR professionals are plagued with manual tasks taking up their entire day. One thing they may not realize is how automation can be the key to putting an end to their slow processes that hold them back.

What is HR Automation?

HR automation involves replacing repetitive manual work with technology. HR teams can use automation software to combat their slow-downs from time-consuming processes like onboarding and performance management.

Instead of manually taking on your many paper-heavy processes, you can let your automation software handle it so you can stay focused on the people that matter most.

What Does HR Automation Look Like?

There’s a wide variety of roles within your department, and just as many ways to implement automation for those functions. These are some of the most common problems that HR teams have and how automation can solve them.


You’ve worked tirelessly to fill an open position, and the rockstar new hire is finally starting. Although you want to make sure that they have a positive first impression of your organization, you don’t exactly have the bandwidth to do all that you wish you could. The legal stuff like onboarding paperwork is time-consuming but cannot be neglected.

Your new hire has become discouraged and won’t last long if the human capital part of onboarding is put off.

Unfortunately, this kind of story happens all too often. But you’re in luck. With automation, you can completely flip the narrative.

With automation you can send all of the required legal paperwork to your new hire with one click, complete with eSignature, form fill, and regular reminders. Now you can use your time to ensure that your new employee is set up for success in their new role. Automation makes onboarding simplified.

Certification Renewals

You work in a hospital’s HR department. A doctor’s medical license has just expired and has been practicing without a renewed one. Now the hospital is facing severe legal ramifications.

Now this may be an extreme case. Even so, each industry has its own regulations for certification and licenses that must be followed. When you’re on top of each certification’s expiration, it’s probably because you have devoted a lot of time to reviewing expiration dates and setting reminders for yourself.

Using automation, this story can look completely different. You can automate reminders for your HR team and the specific employee that they’re due for a certification renewal. You’ll never have to miss an expired certification again.

Benefits Administration

Open enrollment may very well be the most stressful time of year for HR teams. Constantly reminding those who have yet to make their benefits selections can be extremely taxing. You’re dealing with all of your employees at once in a very limited time.

It may come to no surprise that automation can, once again, save the day. Automation can give your employees access to informational packets so that they don’t have to ask you for the same thing again. And you can find out which employees are missing an essential piece of their benefits information in an instant.

Benefits of HR Automation

Revamping all of your processes to adopt automation may sound like a daunting task. It certainly requires extra effort from your team to get started, but the benefits that automation brings can make it a no-brainer.

Improved Efficiency

Automation allows you to stop devoting your limited resources like time, energy and money to the things that won’t improve the employee experience. While paperwork and other behind-the-scenes work is necessary, it shouldn’t take up all of your time.

You’ll have more time for making important decisions that will impact the well-being of your employees and making your processes run smoother. An increase in efficiency can improve your ability to prioritize the complex processes that require human thought—quite opposite of the thought that goes into filing a document.

Overall, automation is key to working smarter, faster and better.

Prioritize Focus on Employees

Automation will allow you to clear your head of the time-consuming processes and focus on your employees. A stronger focus on your employees will naturally come with higher retention rates as you keep them engaged.

Implementing automation into your workflow means that you’ll be able to work for the reason that you got into HR in the first place—the people. You can keep your employees happy and make your organization a place they want to work.

Reduce Human Error

Making a mistake when dealing with all that employee data is all too easy. Because even though you probably got into HR for your love of working with people, there’s still a lot of data-heavy processes that are prone to human error. Even something as simple as submitting an important report can have drastic consequences when done incorrectly.

Automation can take care of repetitive tasks so you don’t have to worry about human error. You’ll be able to standardize your HR processes so your employees can always have an accurate data experience.

Protect Employee Information

How do you guarantee that all employee information is protected in your current workflow? You may have to manually lock each file to make sure they can’t be accessed by the wrong person, or something similar that takes a lot of time and isn’t guaranteed to be secure.

Automation can benefit your team (and their peace of mind) by protecting your employee files 100 percent of the time. Instead of manually trying to remember to set up the proper security settings on each file, automation can make strict security measures the default.

Thanks to automation, you’ll never need to worry about being in noncompliance with regulatory organizations that oversee how organizations are protecting their employees.

There are numerous benefits that your team can experience with process automation. eFileCabinet is an award-winning automation software built to simplify your workday. Explore Rubex to see how you can stay focused on the people that matter most.