By Annemaria Duran

Utilize TWAIN Scanners

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You can reduce the amount of paper documents scanned by utilizing TWAIN scanners and interactive software. Even after you’ve streamlined your document system with easy conversion of electronic files, customers and outside organizations may still bring in physical documents. As it currently stands for many offices who use large office scanners, these scanners automatically assign a numerical name to your documents and automatically “batch” pages together and drop the documents in email inboxes or in desktop folders. If documents need to be saved separately, employees have to either break apart batched PDF documents into smaller document files or waste time standing by the scanner separating batches while scanning. By providing TWAIN desktop scanners to a few key employees, you can drastically reduce the time spent in organizing scanned pages.

A TWAIN desktop scanner will save hours of time by allowing your employees to remain at their computer working on tasks and workflows while scanning in documents. Documents are not automatically batched and numerically named. Instead, through a scanning interface to your document management system, pages will be previewed on the computer screen. Pages can be pulled into separate documents, named, and saved in one simultaneous motion. Further, your employees can continue working while the scanning is occurring so large amount of documents will take very little employee time.

 Secure Online Storage Allows Saves Time and Money

Utilize Automated Document Tools.

Automated document tools, such as recognition, naming, and storage through Zonal OCR can help drastically increase efficiency and save time in the office. Zonal OCR can utilize custom-built templates to recognize common documents and pull information from those documents. Utilizing preset rules, Zonal OCR can name documents following naming conventions, create files, and store documents in the appropriate file. Zonal OCR eliminates the need for manual data entry of documents and can save your operational employees hours of time each week.

Give Employees Remote Access

On-the-go access to your documents through Cloud-based storage is a great way to enhance flexibility and quick responses. Through mobile applications, employees can view documents on their smart phones, tablets, and other devices. They can respond to client requests immediately through the ability to view, share, and capture documents. Through their mobile devices, they can capture documents by taking a photograph of the documents and automatically converting them to PDF. This streamlines document capture and eliminates redundant processing of documents.


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