Whether you live in a small town or the Washington, D.C., you probably manage hundreds of paper documents every day working in a governmental office. This is only natural—part of transparent government is keeping a careful record of all transactions, agendas, city council minutes, etc. But all of this paper adds up to a big expense—and it’s our responsibility to taxpayers to reduce all of our costs to the greatest extent possible.

The question, then, is how to reduce this paper expense. It’s fairly simple: stop using paper! Electronic Document Management offers an affordable and effective solution, transforming all those stacks of paper into manageable electronic files. Here are three ways in which EDM can help.

  1. Save time: Whether they’re putting out fires, protecting the innocent, saving lives, or allowing the voice of the people to be heard, your staff have better things to do than hunt down old documents. While filing cabinets are meant to keep things organized, more often than not that organization method is complicated and time-consuming, so things start getting messy fast. Lose the cabinets and save time.
  2. Provide documents for citizens: Many citizens per day will request records from you. SecureDrawer allows you to provide these documents for them without them even coming into the office.
  3. Reduce expenses: At $5.50 for a ream of paper, your taxpayers wind up footing the bill for a commodity that will just be recycled anyway. Lose the paper—cut the cost.