Comforting CoupleAs a funeral director, you’re obligated to abide by the Funeral Rule, which states that your clients must be free to choose which goods and services they want to purchase. While this is appropriate in terms of suiting the funeral to their specific needs, it also means a great deal of paperwork for you because each case is a little bit different. Furthermore, you must archive this paperwork so that all of your business is detailed according to FTC regulation. All of this paperwork can stack up to a big mess. But it doesn’t have to!

Electronic Document Management

allows you to effectively store, organize, and transmit that paperwork without having to maintain a single filing cabinet. Here’s how it works:

  1. Store it. With eFileCabinet and a scanner, you can store all of your archived paperwork in digital form—it just takes the click of a button! This will save space in your offices for more important things.
  2. Organize it. With a large amount of files, a filing cabinet can be extremely difficult to keep organized. Searching for paper in a disorganized filing system is one of the biggest employee time wasters! eFileCabinet allows you to organize and maintain your system quickly and simply.
  3. Transfer it. By integrating your Electronic Document Management System with SecureDrawer, you’ll be able to transfer files to clients and FTC Regulators without so much as blinking an eye. No envelopes, no stamps, and no hunting for old files.